What Is The Chance That There Will Be Twins

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What Is The Chance That There Will Be Twins
What Is The Chance That There Will Be Twins

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Having a baby is a small miracle that makes parents happy. Caring for a baby brings you closer together. What, then, about twins? Having twins is a double joy. There are many factors that can contribute to the occurrence of multiple pregnancies: genetic predisposition, the age of the expectant mother, nutrition, and even the time of year when conception occurred.

What is the chance that there will be twins
What is the chance that there will be twins

Twins or twins

Twins are fraternal twins. They are born from the fertilization of two different eggs. Twins are born as a result of the division of one fertilized cell in the embryo. Twins may not be very similar to each other, but twins are as alike as two peas.

Why identical twins are born is still not known for sure. But modern science has learned the reasons for the birth of twins. There are seven main factors that increase your chances of conceiving twins.

How to conceive and give birth to twins

Genetic predisposition plays an important role in the possibility of conceiving twins, and only women are the carrier of the gene responsible for the development of two eggs at the same time.

If a man has twins in his family, then he can pass this feature on to his daughter. This is why it is said that twins are born after a generation. If a woman has twins in her family, then her chances of giving birth to two babies at once increase 2.5 times.

Long-term use of hormonal contraceptives can also lead to the conception of twins. If the pregnancy occurs immediately after the abolition of the contraceptive pill, then it is quite possible that the pregnancy will be multiple. Women's ovaries have the ability, after a long medication "rest", to work with a vengeance. That is why during this period several eggs can ripen at once during one ovulation.

Scientists have found an interesting pattern: with each subsequent birth, the likelihood of having twins increases. Incredibly, after the fifth pregnancy, the chances of conceiving twins increase fivefold.

In vitro fertilization will help give birth to twins with an almost 100% guarantee. The fact is that during IVF, up to 6 fertilized eggs are implanted in a woman's uterus in order to increase the likelihood of conception. Often, parents resort to this particular method in order to acquire two babies at the same time.

As the female body approaches menopause, ovulation becomes irregular and more and more often there are times when a woman after 35 years of age can mature two eggs at once. The chance of giving birth to twins in women aged 35-38 increases dramatically.

It turns out that the season of conception plays an important role in the birth of twins. In the spring, the activity of sex hormones increases, and the likelihood of maturation of two eggs at once becomes much higher.

There are many different diets that are said to increase the chance of conceiving twins. Science does not yet know for sure products that can affect the maturation of several eggs at once. It is only known that malnutrition and a strict diet deprive a woman of the opportunity to give birth to two babies at the same time.

Follow the twins to the ends of the world

In India, there is a unique village located in the state of Kerela, where there are 500 pairs of twins for 2.5 thousand families, and their number is increasing every year. This phenomenon has not yet been explained. The locals themselves claim that all this is happening thanks to the god Rama.

There is a similar place in Russia. The village of Denisovka in the Rostov region, where 19 pairs of twins are born for every 500 inhabitants.

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