How To Get Pregnant With A Boy

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How To Get Pregnant With A Boy
How To Get Pregnant With A Boy

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Sometimes young fathers are obsessed with the idea of ​​having a son, and young mothers want to see their beloved husband in the crumbs. There are ways to plan the sex of a child. They are based on the use of biological characteristics of the body and on the advice of traditional medicine. Nobody promises the result 100%, but the probability of the birth of a son is very high.

How to get pregnant with a boy
How to get pregnant with a boy


Step 1

The sex of the unborn child depends on the set of chromosomes. In the female body, only X chromosomes are present. In the body of a man, along with the X chromosome, there is also a Y chromosome. It is the latter species that is responsible for the birth of a boy. The sperm contains only one of the chromosomes. For a boy to be born, it is necessary to ensure the meeting of the egg with such a sperm.

Step 2

This must be done on the day of ovulation. The life of sperm with the Y chromosome is very short, although they are more mobile than their sperm carrying the X chromosome. The latter are slower, but they can hide in the female body for up to two days, waiting for an opportunity. Conception during ovulation greatly increases the chance of the desired sperm getting into the egg.

Step 3

To accurately determine the date of ovulation, it is best to keep a diary of basal temperature measurements. By this day, it is necessary to provide a sufficient number of sperm with the Y-chromosome in the man's body. A few days before the planned conception, sex should be taboo. Let the man walk for a couple of weeks without warm underwear. Both partners should give up the pleasure of soaking in a hot bath a week before an important event.

Step 4

Some rules should be followed during intercourse. It is better to choose a position when the man enters from behind and try to maximize penetration into the vagina. It is desirable for the woman to reach orgasm before her partner. This will provide the necessary alkaline environment in which the X-chromosome sperm die. The creation of an alkaline environment is facilitated by prolonged foreplay before sex or preliminary douching with a solution of soda. After the act, the woman should lie down quietly for 20-30 minutes.

Step 5

Traditional medicine recommendations are to follow a specific diet. The preparatory period lasts 2-3 months. At this time, you should lean on meat, sausage and smoked meats. Maybe not very helpful, but the male gender loves it. You can eat fish, but seafood will have to be excluded. Flour and sweet should be limited, only dark chocolate is allowed. Green vegetables and all types of nuts are excluded. Any fruit can be eaten, especially bananas. All drinks are also allowed, but milk will have to be abandoned.

Step 6

You can't argue with nature, but using these methods significantly increases the chance of having a boy.

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