How To Get A Boy's Attention

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How To Get A Boy's Attention
How To Get A Boy's Attention

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Have you long wanted to meet a guy whose gaze constantly intersects with yours? Afraid to approach him or say something unnecessary? Do not be shy, take the first step, this is a completely vital and solvable situation. Here you will learn what and how to do to get the guy's attention.

How to get a boy's attention
How to get a boy's attention


Step 1

The first, most important and often performed, unfortunately, action is when a girl herself begins to hang herself on a guy's neck, writes him love sms, bothers him with calls. You should not behave like that, the young man in this situation may not like you, or worse, he will be afraid of your excessive importunity. Be more cunning, it is with this quality that it is worth starting the "hunt for your prey".

Step 2

We met. Now do not hesitate to ask him for advice, ask for help in a particular action or solve a difficult problem. Anything, most importantly, the male sex likes it. Thus, they feel needed and smart. Just know that you shouldn't go too far, lest you turn out to be a dummy in his eyes.

Step 3

Talk to your guy confidently and to the point. Don't shake or memorize a pre-written sentence in a conversation. This can make you look silly and funny. The object of your desires is to see you as a confident and interesting girl. Also, be cheerful, smile, and respond sweetly. Overpower feelings of anger or sadness, if you are out of sorts, believe me, then your suffering will be justified. Men, like a magnet, are attracted to cheerful girls, mind you.

Step 4

Another option, tried and true, is to make friends with one of his friends. Thus, you will learn more information about him and visit his company. In the company, do not forget to behave as described in the above tips and parting words. If all the actions are successful, great, but it is too early to relax.

Step 5

Your appearance is also significant. A man, even the most slovenly, will be interested in a well-groomed girl. From this it follows that one must conquer him also with his style, hairstyles, etc. In this way, you will feel that you will be more confident in yourself.

Step 6

And the last thing. A man is a breadwinner and a hunter, and therefore you should be a victim for a bit - in the sense that a man conquers you, and does not catch you in the net, eat and forget. To do this, you should not tell him about your feelings in advance. And it's better not to share this even with your girlfriends, because someone will let it slip, and then the outcome can be sad. Let this play be between you, where the main role belongs to him, but not vice versa.

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