What Prayer To Read To Get Pregnant

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What Prayer To Read To Get Pregnant
What Prayer To Read To Get Pregnant

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Some young families today postpone the birth of a child until later, trying first to earn their own housing, a car and other benefits of civilization. Forgetting in the pursuit of material benefits about the time factor, subsequently such couples end up in the doctor's office with complaints of infertility or difficulties in conceiving children. What if the long-awaited pregnancy does not come? Try to contact a higher authority …

What prayer to read to get pregnant
What prayer to read to get pregnant

The power of prayer

Reproductive function declines with age in both women and men. Also, the reason for the absence of pregnancy may lie in the health state or psychological problems of one of the partners. Conception of a baby is the greatest sacrament, subject only to God, therefore, resorting to medical help, you must pray to him for the gift of a child to you.

Even ultra-modern in vitro fertilization does not guarantee a 100% guarantee of pregnancy.

If you decide to ask God for a child, you need to choose the prayer that is right for you. There are many prayers for the gift of children and healing from infertility - for example, prayers to Roman the Wonderworker and Saints Zechariah and Elizabeth are considered very good. These saints all their lives prayed to the Lord to send them children, and he heard them - it was with his blessing that the elderly Zechariah and Elizabeth were able to conceive the son of John the Baptist. If the inability to become pregnant is associated with an illness of one of the partners, you should ask God for healing. In such cases, you need to turn with sincere prayer to the icon of the Mother of God "The Healer", read the magpie about health to David of Gareja, or pray to Mother Matronushka of Moscow.

Prayer to Blessed Matrona

There are many positive reviews for the help of Saint Matrona of Moscow. A huge number of women unable to bear and give birth to a child, in despair, visited her grave on the territory of the Intercession Monastery. As a result, many of them soon realized with surprise that their prayers had been answered, and that their womb was finally sprouting.

Before visiting the relics of Blessed Matrona, you should prepare yourself mentally, cleanse your body and soul, and also be sure to forgive all insults to your offenders.

“Oh, blessed mother Matrona, we resort to your intercession and we pray to you in tears. As if one who has great boldness in the Lord, pour out a warm prayer for your servants, who are living in sorrow and are asking for help from you. Truly, the word of the Lord is: ask and it is given to you and packs: as if you are consulting two of you, on earth about every thing that you even ask, it will be from My Father, like in Heaven. Hear our sighs and bring the Lord to the throne, and you stand before us, as the prayer of a righteous man can do much before God. May the Lord not completely forget us, but look down from heaven to the sorrow of His servants and grant the fruit of the womb for what is useful. Truly, Bogidete wants, so do the Lord to Abraham and Sarah, Zechariah and Elizabeth, Joachim and Anna, pray with him. May the Lord God do this to us as well, according to his mercy and inexpressible love for mankind. May the name of the Lord be blessed from now to everlasting. Amen"

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