How To Find Out The Gender Of The Baby

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How To Find Out The Gender Of The Baby
How To Find Out The Gender Of The Baby

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During pregnancy, many future parents are concerned about the question - what gender will the child be? This is especially interesting for those who are not the first to have a child. There are also various genetic hereditary diseases in the genus, which can manifest themselves depending on gender. In such a case, it may be important to determine the sex of the unborn child as early as possible.

How to find out the gender of the baby
How to find out the gender of the baby

It is necessary

  • - visit a gynecologist;
  • - visit the ultrasound diagnostics room.


Step 1

A common method for determining gender is ultrasound (ultrasound). Ask a doctor at the antenatal clinic to give you a referral for an ultrasound scan or make an appointment yourself at a private clinic. Pay attention to the qualifications of the doctor who will do you an ultrasound, not all ultrasound diagnostics specialists have sufficient knowledge to study the fetus for a long time. It is believed that it is impossible to reliably determine the sex of the child before 15 obstetric weeks of pregnancy. But do not rely on a 100% result even after them - there is a chance that the baby's genitals simply cannot be seen if its position in the uterus makes it difficult to see. In addition, ultrasound diagnostics can also make mistakes.

Step 2

More precisely, the gender of the child can be determined by genetic diagnosis. In this case, fetal genetic material is taken with the help of special instruments, and then it is analyzed for sex chromosomes. This method is quite traumatic and increases the risk of spontaneous abortion by 30%, so it should be used only if the question of maintaining pregnancy due to hereditary diseases related to gender is being decided.

Step 3

In vitro fertilization (IVF) technology also helps to determine the sex of the baby even before it is placed in the mother's uterus. Genetic analysis is carried out at the morula or blastocyst stage, and then, having selected embryos that are suitable for sex, they are replanted. It is worth resorting to this technology if there is a hereditary predisposition to certain diseases, since IVF is a rather traumatic procedure for the female body.

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