How To Know If You Will Get Married

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How To Know If You Will Get Married
How To Know If You Will Get Married

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The longer a woman is not married, the more often she is occupied with the question of whether she will get married and when this long-awaited event will happen in her life. There are certain possibilities to find out the answers to such questions, and they are quite reliable.

How to know if you will get married
How to know if you will get married


Step 1

Guess on the Internet on the "book of destinies" or other fortune-telling web programs that answer a specific question, for example, when will you get married. It is believed that such online programs have a high degree of reliability.

Step 2

Take a psychological test (there are varieties of them on the Internet, as well as in book collections of tests from psychologists) on the following topics: a) will I marry; b) when I get married. Your candid answers to the questions of such tests make it possible to get a high result upon completion of the test.

Step 3

You can find out whether you will get married and when this will happen by consulting an astrologer. Specialists "on the stars" will ask the exact date of your birth, place of birth, time. Based on your natal chart, astrologers will determine the outlines of the planets in the constellation of which you were born, and will inform you of what awaits you in matters of marriage.


Step 4

Palmistry is also a sure way to learn about fate, about what awaits you in different years of your life, including about the opportunity to get married. Find an experienced specialist who reads fate from hand to hand, through the newspaper of your city with advertisements for such services or via the Internet and consult with him about issues of concern to you.

Step 5

Dreams can tell a woman whether she will get married or not. For marriage, you dream of wedding ceremonies, wedding limousines, the bride's outfit, the ghostly image of the groom next to you. Such prophetic dreams cannot tell the exact date, but the fact that what you see in a dream will really happen sooner or later is an indisputable fact in the opinion of experts studying the nature of sleep.

Step 6

There are a number of card fortune-telling predicting the marriage of girls and its duration. You can tell fortunes on playing cards, laying them out in different ways. Tarot cards also tell fortunes with a high degree of probability.

Step 7

Folk home fortune-telling answers the questions posed to the fortune-telling process itself. You can find out if you will get married, for example, in the following way. Place your full-length photo in front of a small “face” mirror so that it reflects your image. Turn off the lights in the room where you are reading. Say the words: "Show yourself, the date of my wedding!". Leave the room for exactly 3 hours. When you return, without turning on the light, take a look at the mirror. If there is a feeling that it has moved slightly, it means that the marriage will be very soon. If not, tell fortunes again in a few months.

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