Should A Man Bring Money To The House In A Civil Marriage

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Should A Man Bring Money To The House In A Civil Marriage
Should A Man Bring Money To The House In A Civil Marriage

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The cohabitation of a man and a woman imposes some obligations on both. For example, paying for housing, buying groceries and things for the house becomes the concern of both. And so that there are no disagreements, it is necessary to discuss the specifics of building a common budget.

Should a man bring money to the house in a civil marriage
Should a man bring money to the house in a civil marriage

There are no special rules and regulations that govern the spending of common-law spouses, each family has its own rules. To avoid disagreements, you need to think about it before getting together, and then every six months to discuss everything again, since situations can change, and life imposes adjustments.

General expenses

When living together, there are expenses that are relevant for both. You must pay for housing, rent or rent on a monthly basis. And you can add budgets for this, you can alternate payments or transfer it to the shoulders of one of the spouses. Sometimes a man takes on the responsibility of maintaining the house, since he has the opportunity to receive more. Which method to choose, decide for yourself.

Compulsory purchases are products and items for home and everyday life. Each family plans these acquisitions differently. We will still need current repairs, because nothing in the house lasts forever. How to allocate money for this needs to be discussed. And the results should be satisfactory to both parties. It is necessary to provide for the income of each partner, other expenses that are necessary for the individual, as well as further plans and savings.

If a man does not give money

If a man refuses to pay any expenses, you need to talk to him. In a civil marriage, it is not always possible to demand funds for a new fur coat or car, he can buy a dress or boots, but of his own free will, but he should not refuse to pay for housing. Tell that it is difficult for you to buy some things yourself, that you need his help. Present him with the fact of unpaid bills and ask if he will do his bit to resolve these issues.

There is no need to shout at a man and make claims, it is enough to say calmly and hear his answer. Usually the partner gives reasons for his position, explains the reason for the refusal. Hear these words, there are usually a lot of important things in them. If he has any difficulties with earning, support him. You can make concessions and agree to pay for something personally, but it is important to understand that this will not always be the case.

Cons of civil marriage

Civil marriage does not protect spouses from material problems. In the event of separation, even dividing the property through the court will be difficult, since the union was not registered. You will not be able to make a claim for the fact that he did not pay for housing or did not give money for groceries. The informality of the relationship implies solving these difficulties on their own.

But a registered marriage does not mean that a man is obliged to support his woman. There are options when budgets are separate, each lives on his own money and does not claim the income of the other. Therefore, any financial issues can be resolved only through dialogue.

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