How To Love A Mother-in-law

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How To Love A Mother-in-law
How To Love A Mother-in-law

Video: How To Love A Mother-in-law

Video: How To Love A Mother-in-law
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Mother-in-law and son-in-law are an eternal topic of discussion, a war often happens between these two people. In this "duel" they are like beasts of prey that still cannot divide the victim, that is, the wife and daughter in one person. It is for this reason that many quarrels arise in a young family. Therefore, it is very important for the son-in-law to find "points of contact" with the mother-in-law.

How to love a mother-in-law
How to love a mother-in-law


Step 1

Do not listen to and do not reconcile to yourself all the stereotypes about the relationship between a son-in-law and a mother-in-law. Please note that understanding between you is laid immediately, that is, even when you meet. That is why you should initially treat your wife's mother with love, respect and understanding.

Step 2

Do not imagine at heart the mother-in-law grumpy, evil and insidious. Better look at it from the other side. Understand that she raised your beloved girl, that she gave her life, which means she gave you a gift that is perhaps the most dear to you.

Step 3

Understand that disagreements do not happen because she hates you, you just have different views on life, which were formed due to age, experience, judgments. Therefore, take the nitpicking calmly, do not flare up like a bipod from a spark.

Step 4

Treat your mother-in-law like your mother, that is, with the same warmth and respect. And you will see how she will answer you the same. And there it is not far from excellent maternal relations.

Step 5

If it so happened that you harbored a grudge against your mother-in-law and you just can't fall in love with her, figure it out. Sit down and think carefully about what made you feel disliked. Some psychologists advise to write on paper all the negative that you feel about your wife's mother. After that, cross out everything with a bold line and tear the piece of paper into small pieces, at the same time "cross out and throw out" everything bad from your thoughts.

Step 6

Constantly say that you love and respect your mother-in-law, that she is good and you have a complete understanding. Also, in no case criticize the actions of the mother-in-law, and even more so, do not do it in front of others.

Step 7

Some people say that the less often you see your mother-in-law, the more you love her. So maybe you shouldn't come to visit her every day? It is better to get together during the holidays at a friendly large round table.

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