How To Behave In A Marriage

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How To Behave In A Marriage
How To Behave In A Marriage

Video: How To Behave In A Marriage

Video: How To Behave In A Marriage
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Have you decided to tie the knot in your life? A marriage proposal, preparation for a wedding, a celebration, a honeymoon, and after all this - everyday life and a long happy life hand in hand. Of course, the family has problems, conflicts, and misunderstandings. The main thing is to choose the right tactics of behavior in marriage.

How to behave in a marriage
How to behave in a marriage


Step 1

First of all, you must remember and understand that marriage is an art of compromise. Learn to find a middle ground, make concessions. For example, there is a holiday ahead. You ponder where to celebrate him - at his mother's or yours. Give in to him, but take a promise that next time you will spend this time with your mom. Or you can offer the option to go around two families on this day - both his and yours.

Step 2

Agree with your significant other that in conflict situations you will not wash dirty linen in public. Yes, there are people who constantly share problems with loved ones. This is wrong, because what does not suit you should be known by your loved one, and not a close friend or even worse - mom.

Step 3

Prepare for some of the romance to leave your relationship after the wedding. To keep it from disappearing altogether, nurture the relationship. Do not become a housekeeper and servant, arrange surprises for your husband. For example, you can organize a romantic dinner in nature. Yes, exactly there. You can eat at home at any time, but not in nature!

Step 4

You should also talk about what you are not happy with. In no case do not accumulate everything in yourself, remember that this can accumulate and result in a loud scandal!

Step 5

Agree with your husband about everyday life, that is, share the responsibilities. Men are very annoyed by such situations when they are forcibly lifted from the couch with the words: "Take out the trash" or "Go to the store." Prepare a to-do list in advance, and let him choose a suitable activity for himself and allocate his free time himself.

Step 6

Talk with your spouse not only about family matters, but also about work. Ask how his work day went, what he did today. Consult with him, because he must feel his own importance. You must become for him not only a wife, but also a friend.

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