How To Behave To Get A Guy Back

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How To Behave To Get A Guy Back
How To Behave To Get A Guy Back

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If a guy left you, do not rush to get upset, because he may want to restore the relationship. This behavior is typical for young people, especially if you have been dating for a long time. And your task is to help him realize his mistake. To do this, you need to behave correctly and in no case make quarrels and scandals.

How to behave to get a guy back
How to behave to get a guy back


Step 1

Do not rush to bombard him with messages and suggestions to start all over again. It will take some time for the guy to realize that he is unaccustomed and bad without you. Immediately after breaking up, stop communicating with him for a while. You don't have to meet and call him for at least a couple of weeks.

Step 2

Use this time to change yourself for the better. For example, go in for sports, yoga, or fitness to make your figure more attractive. Change your clothing style so he can see you from a different perspective. Your goal is to surprise him the next time you meet.

Step 3

But the changes should not only affect your appearance. Try to change your character as well. Surely, the guy didn't like something about your behavior or actions. Use this temporary respite to get better. Of course, you should not take radical steps for the sake of him and correct in yourself what you like. In any situation, you need to remain, first of all, a person, and not be someone's shadow.

Step 4

You should meet with your ex in 2-4 weeks. The best thing to do is to make the meeting unscheduled. For example, visit the places where he most often happens. But do not constantly spin in one place, he can guess about your goal. And then the meeting is unlikely to go well.

The meeting should be unexpected
The meeting should be unexpected

Step 5

During the meeting, do not sort things out, do not quarrel with him. Chat about trivia, ask how he is doing. Don't think about your old feelings either. The purpose of the meeting is to remind you of yourself and show how much you have changed. In a few days, such an “unexpected” meeting must be repeated. And on it, bring up a conversation about an already planned date.

Step 6

The next meeting doesn't have to be romantic. If the guy himself did not ask you to meet, then come up with a reason why he should see you again. For example, you might ask to go shopping with you. But this is only if the young man likes such a pastime. You can also ask to fix something in the house or help you sort out your computer. Ask, even if everything is in order in your house, and you understand the computer better than him. Break the lock, hook, tear off the parquet, but create the perfect situation for your meeting.

Step 7

On the next date, you can already start remembering the past. Of course, the emphasis should be on pleasant moments. Just do not cry or quarrel with him, so you will never renew the relationship. Be affectionate and docile, this will quickly conquer a man. Do not show your sadness, he should not understand that you need you too much. If the meeting takes place at your home, do not forget to treat the guy with something delicious, better prepared by your caring hands.

Step 8

There should be as many of these scheduled meetings as possible. As well as sweet, pleasant communication. Only by affection and attention can you return the old relationship.

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