How To Behave In Bed With Your Husband

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How To Behave In Bed With Your Husband
How To Behave In Bed With Your Husband

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Unfortunately, men and women often cannot understand each other and make gross mistakes that lead to disappointment in love and a break in relationships. And if minor everyday problems can be quickly resolved, then the intimate side of the issue is rarely discussed. If your husband says nothing to you about what he does not like about sex, then this does not mean that your intimate life is ideal.

How to behave in bed with your husband
How to behave in bed with your husband


Step 1

Show sexuality and sensuality, do not be afraid of it. In bed with your loved one, you can allow yourself to be relaxed if he likes it. You don't need to show dissatisfaction, make you persuade yourself, or pretend that sex is disgusting to you. If you really do not like making love, see a sex therapist and try to reveal your female sexuality through special courses in yoga, striptease and belly dancing.

Step 2

Don't be afraid to ask your partner about anything. If you do not like your husband's behavior in bed, gently inform him about it, without reproaching in any way. From time to time, give your loved one hints and listen to his requests yourself. Good lovers need to know how to please their partner. If you and your husband can learn about each other, making love will be much more enjoyable for both of you.

Step 3

Seduce your husband, try different roles. Try to initiate sex at least from time to time. Few men like the monotony of intimate life, as well as the need to constantly persuade his wife to make love. Be more active, bolder, show ingenuity, let the man play a passive role from time to time so that he does not think that you yourself do not want to have sex and shift all the responsibility onto him.

Step 4

Examine your partner's erogenous zones. Believe me, you can do this all your life without knowing all the subtleties of your husband's reaction to affection. Pay attention to his chest, neck, shoulders, lower back, buttocks, hips. Watch your husband's reaction to your affection and do not hesitate to ask him what exactly he would like from you. Do not limit yourself to stroking a specific area, try to caress your partner's entire body.

Step 5

Watch yourself and try to be more attractive in bed. Wear lace stockings, sexy underwear, translucent robes, and the like if your husband is turned on. Do not go to bed with a thick layer of cream or a mask on your face, because you can take care of your appearance by yourself in the daytime. Be beautiful and remember that men often like it when a woman is not completely naked, i.e. she still has a light robe or stockings, but no underwear.

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