How To Charm A Guy On A First Date

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How To Charm A Guy On A First Date
How To Charm A Guy On A First Date

Video: How To Charm A Guy On A First Date

Video: How To Charm A Guy On A First Date
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The first date is the foundation of a future relationship. The further development of your novel will depend on him. If the guy is not indifferent to you, then you should charm your potential boyfriend in any way.

How to charm a guy on a first date
How to charm a guy on a first date


Step 1

The first date is always exciting and desirable. You need to approach it wisely, because the first impression is fundamental, so you should carefully prepare for it. First, choose an outfit for the event. Just don't dress yourself in lush evening dresses with sequins and bows. It will look more than out of place. If you are having dinner with him in a restaurant, then a little black dress is perfect - this is a classic of the genre. It drove more than one generation of men crazy. If your meeting involves an active holiday, then you can limit yourself to comfortable, but at the same time attractive and sexy jeans, a feminine T-shirt and a jacket. Don't wear new shoes on your first date. Perhaps you will have a long walk, and you will feel discomfort, and the interlocutor will think that he is not interesting to you, and you are trying to quickly run home.

Step 2

Makeup is an integral part of a woman's image. Don't try to look like a vamp on your first date. Red lipstick and smokey eyes can turn off the other person. Choose a calm eyeshadow palette. A soft pink lip gloss works best. With such a make-up, you will look feminine, but not defiant.

Step 3

Try to listen to him, show interest in everything. Missing gaze and occasional yawning will not bring you one step closer to your goal. Find common topics of conversation that would be of interest to you and your companion.

Step 4

Be positive. Smile. A smile always disposes and gives the impression of sincerity and openness. She instills confidence, as if hinting that the person is interesting and pleasant to listen to. Try to joke, but on abstract topics. Jokes should be understandable not only to you, but also to him, because he sees you for the first time and cannot immediately appreciate your subtle and refined humor.

Step 5

Do not talk to him about your future relationship, do not make plans - such conversations scare men, especially on the first date. Just let him know that you like him, and you are not averse to continuing communication in the future.

Step 6

Be natural and don't overdo it. Falseness and hypocrisy are always visible. Don't try to adjust to it. Men like independent women, and if you have your own point of view, then by all means express it, and do not assent with a reverent look in the hope of gaining approval.

Step 7

Allow him to take you home and, standing on the threshold of your entrance, give him a light gentle kiss. You should look inaccessible, but at the same time sexually attractive. A man must discover something new in you every time, as in an interesting and exciting detective story.

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