How To Avoid Awkward Silence With A Girl

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How To Avoid Awkward Silence With A Girl
How To Avoid Awkward Silence With A Girl

At first, when meeting a girl, it can be difficult to avoid awkward silence. No topics for conversation are invented, all the questions that come to mind seem stupid and inappropriate …

How to avoid awkward silence with a girl
How to avoid awkward silence with a girl


Step 1

If you don't know anything about a girl's interests and hobbies, take a close look at her - her appearance can tell a lot. For example, she has beaded baubles on her hands, macrame on her neck … You can ask if she herself is the author of these works, and then ask questions on this topic. If the girl is also embarrassed, the answers are likely to be short: "Is it difficult to knit such a bracelet?" - "No, not really." Nevertheless, the conversation has already begun. Come up with a few questions related to her hobby, and then tell me that you like people who know how to do good things with their own hands, and you yourself know how to repair a car, change the gasket in the tap or cook wonderful kebabs …

Step 2

If a girl has an amulet in the form of a zodiac sign around her neck, you can start a conversation about astrology. Ask her to tell you something about her or your sign, and together reflect on whether the characteristics correspond to reality. Further, you can discuss the reliability of various predictions, from Nostradamus to Vanga, and the effectiveness of psychics and shamans. If you see that a girl is seriously keen on esotericism, and you are skeptical about these superstitions, be careful in your statements so as not to accidentally offend her.

Step 3

If outwardly it is clear that a girl belongs to one of the youth subcultures or is a fan of a group, it is much easier to avoid awkward silence. It's good if you have common hobbies - there will be enough topics for conversation. Or you have just heard something about this group - then ask the girl to tell about it. It's good if you ask questions on the topic - this will show that you are really interested, and you are listening carefully to the interlocutor.

Step 4

Keep a few funny stories that happened to you or your friends in reserve. When a conversation about a related topic comes up, tell your girlfriend about it. Maybe she herself will remember similar cases - the conversation is developing successfully!

Step 5

Talk about how you usually spend your weekend. Perhaps the girl will like your hobby, and you decide to meet again.

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