How To Deal With Men

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How To Deal With Men
How To Deal With Men

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Relationships are not easy. In addition to the fact that our heads are filled with all sorts of stereotypes, women and men, nevertheless, are very different creatures. It's so easy to make mistakes in a relationship - and it's so hard to find common ground later. But if you follow a few simple rules, this can be much easier.

How to deal with men
How to deal with men


Step 1

Learn mutual respect. It should become the main principle on which your relationship is based. Regardless of which of you earns how much, who communicates with whom and who has what interests, you must respect a man, and he must respect you.

Step 2

Learn to compromise. Don't take compromise as a loss. On the contrary, it should be a win for both parties. In any controversial issue, do not be stubborn like a bull, and do not give in - this will generate a feeling of resentment and injustice. Try to find an option that would suit both of you, let each of you make some concessions, so that in the end both parties would be satisfied with the decision.

Step 3

Learn to trust each other. Jealousy in certain doses is good, a person feels needed and loved. But constant harassment, nagging, discontent, jealousy of every moving object can only get mad and nothing else. The partner needs to feel trusted because trust comes from respect. Stop constantly calling your man and asking where he is, with whom and when he will be at home. As a rule, it is excessive jealousy that leads to infidelity.

Step 4

Learn to help each other. Of course, men are the stronger sex, and sometimes they do not want to admit that they need help from anyone, especially from a woman. However, this does not mean at all that he really does not need your help and support. Both of you should become a reliable support for each other, the closest person who is ready to support at any moment. Just do not try to be too intrusive with offers of help, because otherwise a man may take this as a reproach for his weakness.

Step 5

Stop acting like a child with a man. Never pretend to be a caring mommy who all the time reminds a man what he needs to do, how to act. Remember that you are his woman, not his mother. Stick to this rule if you don't want your man to really start acting like a child.

Step 6

Never make yourself a victim. Yes, of course, you are a woman, you are weaker, but this does not mean at all that you need to constantly feel oppressed in something so that a man once again begins to persuade you.

Step 7

Love a man for who he is, not for what he could be. Many women, falling in love, paint themselves rainbow images, and when they understand that reality does not coincide with these images, they begin to try to fit it to them. Of course, you are changing the man in one way or another, and he is changing you. But do not try to remake it for yourself, this is a sign of disrespect for what it is.