How To Behave With A Gemini Man

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How To Behave With A Gemini Man
How To Behave With A Gemini Man

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Gemini men are witty and spontaneous, they are attracted by everything new and unknown. They are able to tell hundreds of funny stories and bring something new to a woman's life. If you want to keep such a young man close - find out how to please him.

How to behave with a Gemini man
How to behave with a Gemini man


Step 1

A Gemini man, when dealing with a girl who is not indifferent to him, can be very charming. It's hard not to succumb to his charm, but try to hold out for as long as possible. This sign likes to flirt, interest, fall in love with itself. Having conquered you, he may get bored and decide to move on. Play with him - do not repulse, but also do not seek to show that you are in his power. This will keep Gemini interested.

Step 2

Gemini don't like to be bored. Standard dating scripts are not for them. Instead of going to a cafe, go rollerblading, and replace watching a popular melodrama with joint yoga lessons. Be aware of the twins' dual nature. When spending time together, try not to be limited to one lesson. A horse ride can end with a picnic in the open air; before a rock concert, you can look into the museum.

Step 3

Gemini men, like small children, love to play. This applies to both the bed - this zodiac sign is likely to take role-playing games with a bang, and everyday life. Support his hobbies and suggest new ones, appear in front of a man in different ways. The joint passage of a computer game will also please the restless Gemini.

Step 4

Gemini is afraid of loneliness, but at the same time they do not tolerate when someone restricts their freedom. Try to give your man as much attention as possible, but do it subtly. Invite him for walks, invite him to visit your friends, during the working day, take a couple of minutes to send him a message. But at the same time, respect Gemini's personal space.

Step 5

Gemini are susceptible to flattery. Compliment the young man, celebrate his merits, tell him more often how wonderful he is, and then the Gemini will be happy next to you.

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