How To Say Beautiful, Warm Words To A Girl

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How To Say Beautiful, Warm Words To A Girl
How To Say Beautiful, Warm Words To A Girl
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The ability to compliment is the hallmark of a successful man. It is easy to make a mistake and hurt a girl with a platitude, a phrase that she has heard many times. The art of speaking beautiful words can be learned.

How to say beautiful, warm words to a girl
How to say beautiful, warm words to a girl

Words about appearance

It is important to note not the beauty of the girl as a whole, but the features inherent in her appearance: eyes, smile, dimples on her cheeks, waist, slender hands. Just note what you personally like about this girl's beauty. The mistake of young people is the complete absence of compliments to the girl they like because of the fear of offending or offending her. On the contrary, a young girl who has recognized your interest in her address is more likely to be offended by a lack of warm words addressed to her than an excess.

The character of the girl

Compliments to character, temperament and deeds are the most successful of all. There are several strategies you can use to impress a girl. First, you can compare the girl's qualities with your personality traits. The phrase "You are much more relaxed than me" can remove the "armor" from any representative of the beautiful half of humanity. You can also compare the girl with others: "I have never met such a well-read girl."

Clothing and its combinations

Without a doubt, girls are surprised by a lot more attention to their appearance than men. The attention paid to the selection of wardrobe is no exception. Usually, girls carefully choose a combination of clothes so that the color of one thing matches another. Earrings can be combined with a skirt, a brooch with a blouse, etc. If you notice this combination and approve of the girl's choice, she will understand that you are attentive and have a sense of style. Such a compliment can make her feel good, raise you in her eyes.


Poets all over the world sang the love and beauty of girls, dressing their feelings in vivid epithets. You can use the existing "practices" of great poets to learn how to say beautiful words to girls. You can also use the services of freelancers and devote a poem to the girl. You can ask to write (or create yourself) a poem in which the initial letters of the lines will correspond to the letters of the name and surname of the beauty.

Another source of inspiration and poetry can be the letters of great people to their beloved. Napoleon, Mark Antony, Mozart and Pierre Curie confessed their warm feelings to their women. You can read their letters (or rewrite them by hand) for many vivid images, comparisons and metaphors. Over time, you will learn how to turn your sincere thoughts into vivid images on your own, attracting the attention of the most beautiful and interesting girls.

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