How To Go To Kiss

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How To Go To Kiss
How To Go To Kiss

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A kiss is a sign of special closeness between people. The first kiss is usually remembered for a lifetime. Sometimes it is spontaneous, random, sometimes it takes a long time to prepare for it, do not dare to cross this fine line between sympathy and something much more personal.

How to go to kiss
How to go to kiss


Step 1

Modern young people treat kissing differently than they did half a century ago. Now, in general, relations have become somewhat simpler. You can kiss just like that, without any feelings to try, in a friendly way, and so on. Meanwhile, the kiss was and is - a sign of a special relationship. How do you go to kiss? Who should take the first step? Let's try to figure it out.

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What do we have to do:

If you are a man, it is easier for you to take the first step. It is better to do this in the dark when it is easier for her, because you will not be able to see her embarrassment. After seeing the girl home, stop, take her hand. This is a moment of complete harmony. You can announce to her that you will kiss her now. But if you have a fear that she might refuse, do not say anything - just hug and kiss, at first barely touching her lips with yours. The further development of events depends on her attitude towards you, your own courage and external circumstances. For example, if the front door opens at the moment of the kiss, it will no longer be easy for you to restore the intimacy of the situation.

Step 3

If you are a woman, you are supposed to wait for his first actions. But sometimes this wait is delayed and you have to act on your own. The end of the date is the perfect moment to kiss. If you see that your boyfriend is going to run away, you can stop him with a question in the forehead: "Won't you kiss me?" It is possible that he will have a stupor. In this case, it is better to put the squeeze on him with the following phrase: "In this case, I will kiss you myself." There is no vulgarity here, after all, you only two, this is your personal relationship, and only you decide how to build them. It is possible that the young man will react adequately and say that he will kiss you with pleasure.

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