How To Apologize In Verse

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How To Apologize In Verse
How To Apologize In Verse

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Often, after a quarrel or a ridiculous trick, we regret what happened, realizing the full extent of our guilt. At the same time, we are afraid to ask for forgiveness, and not even out of fear of losing our authority or being branded as a weak person. Something else is holding us back. Or maybe we just don't want to say banal words? After all, they are unable to express our sincere repentance and love. Poems will come to the rescue. Before a beautifully rhymed apology, which is written from the heart or read beautifully, no one can resist.

How to apologize in verse
How to apologize in verse


Step 1

The easiest way to find verses about forgiveness is from famous and famous poets. Change some words in them slightly and the apology is ready. For example, Pushkin has the following lines:

Among pleasant oblivion

Leaning into the pillow with your head

And in simplicity, without decoration, My apologies

A little sleepy hand.

Replace “in the midst of pleasant oblivion” with “and in the midst of sad oblivion” (well, you must make it clear that you are sad because of the circumstances). Replace "sleepy hand" with "timid", etc. Most importantly, try to keep the rhythm of the verse.

Look for such verses from the classics, they wrote a lot on this topic. Reread Tsvetaeva, Akhmatova, Gumilyov, Lermontov. It is highly likely that you will find something that you will not even have to redo, because similar situations - a quarrel with a friend, a quarrel with a loved one, a misunderstanding with parents - happened at all times.

Step 2

If the degree of your guilt is great, you can work hard and write an apology poem yourself. To do this, you do not need to have outstanding talents - as a rule, poems of your own composition, albeit inept, are perceived very favorably. What are we doing? We open the Dictionary of Rhymes online (there are many of them on the Internet, at least this one: and looking for rhymes for the words "sorry", "sorry", "sorry", "forgiveness", then - at your discretion. There are many rhymes, there are plenty to choose from. For example, the dictionary will give you more than 700 rhymes (and these are just verbs) for the word "forgive", and more than 100 for "forgiveness". So write

I sincerely apologize

You are so admirable!

How could I hurt you ?!

I beg you - I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

Step 3

Apology poems in the form of a joke are well received (they can be spied on sites with short sms texts). However, great care is required here, since the joke must be subtle and appropriate, and this requires special flair and insight. If you decide to compose such a poem yourself, it is advisable that you present yourself in a funny way, and not at all the one from whom you are asking for forgiveness. And here harsh epithets to oneself and even self-flagellation are permissible. For example:

Everything is wrong without you, everything is wrong

Sorry! I was such a fool.


Sorry, I did so stupidly

I didn't want to, I'm sorry, just - stupid!

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