How Nice To Meet

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How Nice To Meet
How Nice To Meet

Video: How Nice To Meet

Video: How Nice To Meet
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To get to know the person you like beautifully, you need to take the initiative and be original. It is also important to carefully consider many of the nuances and points.

How nice to meet
How nice to meet


Step 1

If you want to meet a girl, buy a bouquet of flowers, a plush toy and give presents to a lovely lady. If you like her, she is sure to be an example of gifts and will not mind talking to you. Be cheerful, joke a lot, make non-trivial compliments (for this, prepare a list of phrases that you will say to the girl in advance). Tell her interesting and funny stories from your life. Just remember to be yourself. Don't make up any stories that seem to have happened to you. Act naturally and at ease. Otherwise, the girl will notice the falsity and be wary.

Step 2

If you want to get by without the extra cost, you can try dating the girl in a more traditional way. Walk up to her, introduce yourself, compliment her. You can say that you noticed a lady in the crowd and were struck by her beauty. We can note her sweet smile, charisma, eyes. If you are interested in her, tell us a little about yourself. Talk to her a little and offer to go to a cafe, restaurant, etc.

Step 3

If you have a beautiful voice, sing a song to the girl you like. So, if you are on the street, go up to her and ask for a moment of attention from her side, and then get down to business. If, for example, you are going to relax in a bar, club or restaurant, ask the administrator of the establishment for permission to perform the composition for a beautiful lady. Surely you will not be denied this request. Pick up the microphone and tell everyone to whom you dedicate this song. If a girl likes you, she will be amazed at such an unusual approach to dating.

Step 4

Do you want to meet a representative of the strong half of humanity? To do this, approach him, smile. If he does the same in return, bend over to him and whisper in his ear how seductive and handsome he is. After that, quickly leave, but remain in his field of vision. Surely he will be interested in you and come up to meet you.

Step 5

Go to the man you like, take his hand and put a piece of paper in it with your phone number written on it. If you like him, he will definitely call you. If this does not happen in the first two days, then he is not interested in you.

Step 6

Choose any other way to meet a man. And it is not necessary whether this method is beautiful or not. It is difficult for a girl to come up with some unusual way to interest a representative of the strong half of humanity. To do this, you can get by with quite banal methods: a flirting look, a smile, blinking eyes, etc.