How To Make A Nice Girl In Bed

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How To Make A Nice Girl In Bed
How To Make A Nice Girl In Bed

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Sex plays an important role in the life of modern couples. It has long ceased to be exclusively a way of procreation, turning into a pleasant and necessary process for health. However, the female body is a rather complex and mysterious system. For sex to be regular and of high quality, a man must pay special attention to the girl.

How to make a nice girl in bed
How to make a nice girl in bed

Prelude - the beginning of beginnings

Sexologists do not get tired of repeating: in order to get a high-quality arousal, a girl needs about 20-30 minutes. However, this time should not be spent following philosophical conversations. Foreplay will help to excite the girl.

Before direct sex, find the strength to give the girl minutes of sincere affection. Gentle touches, kisses, whispers in your ear will help your lover to relax and enjoy you. Pay special attention to the neck, back, hips, head. These areas are very sensitive, touching them (both with hands and lips) will be very pleasant.

Intimate caresses

The clitoris is a very important part of the female reproductive system. It contains many sensitive receptors, which literally "come to life" at the moment of excitement. However, with direct penetration, such a sensitive area is rarely "affected". But most girls find it easier to experience the clitoral orgasm.

Your fingers will help you deliver your beloved pleasure. Gentle touches to the clitoris, light, with a gradually increasing pressure of movement, will quickly lead to a positive result. Another option is recommended by sex gurus: energetic but gentle clitoral tapping. If after the first orgasm you continue to do them, the girl will be able to experience pleasure more than once.

Some men prefer to "work" the clitoris with their tongue. It should be noted that not all girls, contrary to popular belief, like cunnilingus. If you decisively want to make it pleasant in this way, carefully monitor the reactions of your beloved. For some girls, light stimulation of the clitoris with the tip of the tongue is enough, with others it is necessary to add "heavy artillery" - fingers.

Main action

A hot, horny girl is a wonderful sexy partner. More relaxed beauties will directly show their favorite poses, others will express their desires in a more veiled way. You should monitor your partner's “noise level”. As a rule, the more a girl publishes "oohs" and "oohs", the more pleasant it is for her to be in the accepted position.

Sexologists assure that the easiest way to make a girl pleasant in a pose "from behind". This directly stimulates the G-spot. This position is effective for another reason: you can simultaneously stimulate the clitoris. It is also available to the girl herself.

The second effective position is on the side. It is considered to be more intimate and sexy: classic erogenous zones are available to your lips. For example, neck, earlobes, chest, shoulders. When enjoying each other in a missionary position, use your lips actively as well. And not only for kisses, but also for a whisper. Remind the girl how beautiful and desirable she is - this will give her confidence and make her sex more intense.

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