What To Write A Nice Guy

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What To Write A Nice Guy
What To Write A Nice Guy

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Video: What To Write A Nice Guy
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People in love want to please each other. But there is not always the opportunity to be near, and you have to use communication means to write to your loved one. Write a nice message to your boyfriend to cheer him up and show your love.

What to write a nice guy
What to write a nice guy

When you write nice things to the young man, write sincerely. It is not worthwhile to come up with something through force, because in this case any phrase will sound strained and fake. Better to think about what you really love in this person, appreciate and consider good. Be honest about your positive thoughts.

What to write a nice guy in SMS

There are not so many characters in SMS messages, so you need to be able to write succinctly and succinctly. You can express all your feelings with a short phrase and an emoticon. Sometimes it’s enough to write “love” or “think of you” to please the guy.

If you are not dating a man, it is best to choose neutral messages.

Through telephone messages, you can send wishes of good morning and good night. If the interlocutor has an important business (exam or interview), wish him luck. Write that you believe in his strength, and he will succeed. The guy will be pleasantly surprised by your wishes, and this will give strength to cope with all the difficulties.

Send a compliment while working to cheer him up. You can write "I love your strong arms, I want to feel your embrace as soon as possible." Or something intimate, "Miss your sexy ass." With emoticons, you can set the tone of the message so that your mood is clear.

What to write to a guy on a social network

It's much easier to express your feelings on the Internet. More characters are placed in the messages, which means that nothing will hold you back. Write him a verse of your own, or find one that suits your mood. You can throw off a quote that reflects your feelings.

Take advantage of the additional features of social networks. You can leave not only a nice text, but also accompany it with an image or a song that suits the occasion. You can even leave your own drawing with graffiti.

Write a letter

If you don't like your own handwriting, you can print the letter on a printer.

Think about how nice it would be to receive a handwritten letter on a piece of paper. There you can use all your imagination to beautifully design your message. Add a picture of your couple or a kiss mark with lipstick.

Write an email. You can send to a work address so that in the course of a work routine, a man will receive a reminder of his beloved. He will be pleased to take a break and read your letter. But for corporate mail, do not use too intimate information, because the text may be available to other employees as well.