How To Compliment A Woman Correctly

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How To Compliment A Woman Correctly
How To Compliment A Woman Correctly

Video: How To Compliment A Woman Correctly

Video: How To Compliment A Woman Correctly
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A compliment can make a man look like a dull flatterer or an object of benevolent attention in a woman's eyes. Anyone who has mastered the technology of a compliment makes his chosen one happy. Every woman is special. Her uniqueness is not so much in what nature has awarded her, but in who she wants to appear.

How to compliment a woman correctly
How to compliment a woman correctly

Compliment to a beautiful woman

A beautiful woman is used to compliments about her appearance. For this reason, your praise on this topic will drown in the hum of other voices. She knows about the beauty of her own body even without you. Therefore, a beautiful girl, compliment her intelligence, sense of humor, decency, intellect, sincerity, tact, and good manners.

Compliment to a woman with a dull appearance

If the lady is not very attractive, then praise the way she looks. But not primitive. Take a closer look at the girl and there will be an object of approval. For example:

A bow in her hair or a carefully styled hairstyle indicates that the girl is proud of her hair. Means, compliment in this direction.

A tan in the fall or winter indicates an increased focus on skin care. Praise the hostess velvety, smoothness and color.

A straight posture, smooth movements of a woman indicate that she is engaged in physical education, eats right, and leads a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, you should note the slenderness of her figure and waist, the length of her legs, her fit and energy.

The secret of this technique is that feminine nature has a desire to be loved. A man, having approved this desire, can count on the favor and attention from his chosen one.

Special techniques

A more subtle way of approving a woman is to celebrate what she herself is responsible for. In this case, the man will need observation. Details are important! Here are some examples of this technique.

“The belt of your dress, love, is just adorable. Did you really do it yourself?

- I would really like to work with you in the same team. Your ability to see the essence of the problem and find ways to solve it will give odds to many experienced leaders.

- Your dog is surprisingly smart, delicate and well-mannered. It is immediately clear that these qualities came to her from the mistress.

- Your lipstick is in perfect harmony with the manicure, making your look bright and memorable!

If you use this technique instead of the usual flattery, then the result will please.

How often to compliment

There is no definite answer to this question. The options “never” and “often” are not good for building relationships. Advice is appropriate: do not overload a person with compliments, but do them unexpectedly.

Situation: the wife is cooking something in the kitchen. Passing by, you stroked her back and kissed her ear with the words: “Honey, this is for you because you cut a cucumber so dexterously. He looks so erotic. The bomb effect is guaranteed.

Another trick. It works well for a stranger you are interested in. Its essence is that after a sincere and subtle compliment you have to leave. As a result, the woman will be flattered and interested in you.

What to fear

The compliment that you were forced to say is useless and harmful.

- Dear, I do not look like a cow in this skirt?

- What, you, dear! You decorated her with yourself!

Familiar situation. The ambush is that the man was FORCED to say a favor. Some of his authority has been lost. How to be? Silence is not the best choice. The way out is - you need to evade a direct compliment:

- screw in an unfinished phrase: “I didn't want to say, but”, - to distract a woman's attention or imitate an unexpected situation (something falling, a doorbell ringing, etc.), - give her something.

Another delicate situation, characteristic of the early stage of dating. The man does not know how to interest his passion and makes compliments in the form of shedding flowers, expensive gifts, going to restaurants, cruises.

He does not interest the girl, but buys her. The girl will treat him as a sponsor, a wishmaker, a money box. Does he need it?

How to respond to a compliment from a woman to you

Option 1: nothing. This is the pinnacle of greed.

Option 2: answer that he did not deserve anything like this. Bad.

Option 3: answer that this is not at all the case. Even worse. This response implies that the woman's feelings have deceived.

Option 4: Good answer options are:

- thanks, I will remember that.

- I am grateful that you saw it.

- not a single woman told me that!

With such answers, the man thanks, encourages the woman for her observation and benevolence.

Let's summarize. The complimentary rules are as follows:

A compliment is a tool for enhancing a woman's self-esteem.

It is more important for a woman to hear not who she is, but who she wants to be.

Praise a beautiful girl for her spiritual qualities, and an ugly one for how she looks.

A woman needs male approval.

Praise the woman for what she has done herself, which depends on her.

An unexpected compliment will surely please a woman.

The compliment should be as detailed as possible.

There is no need to make forced compliments.

Don't overload the girl with pleasantries.

Leaving a man after said compliment will enhance its effect.

If a woman compliments a man, then she must be encouraged for this.

Give compliments sincerely, with humor, with feeling and the way to the lady's heart will be free.