How To Get A Monthly Child Allowance

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How To Get A Monthly Child Allowance
How To Get A Monthly Child Allowance

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The monthly child allowance is paid to women mothers who are on parental leave. It is drawn up at the place of work or study and is paid until the child reaches one and a half years of age.

How to get a monthly child allowance
How to get a monthly child allowance


Step 1

The first step is to write a claim for the benefit. Then at the place of your actual residence with this application, contact the social protection authorities, providing a list of necessary documents.

Step 2

Remember, you must have 8 documents on hand. In the absence of at least one, it will not allow you to issue a monthly child allowance. Purchase a folder with files and put all the necessary documents into it, so as not to accidentally wrinkle and lose them.

Step 3

Include in it your application, birth certificate of the child (children), a copy. If the child's father is unemployed or is studying in full-time education, ask for a certificate from the social protection authorities at the father's place of residence that he does not receive a monthly childcare allowance.

Step 4

Then make a copy of the work book, which must be certified in accordance with the established procedure with the presentation of an identity document. After that, take a certificate of non-payment of unemployment benefits from the body of the state employment service (with the exception of persons studying in educational institutions on a full-time basis).

Step 5

You also need a document that will confirm the cohabitation of a child in Russia with one of the parents caring for him. Ask for a certificate from your place of study confirming that you are studying in a full-time department at an educational institution or a certificate of previously paid maternity benefits.

Step 6

Also, in addition to the documents listed above, contact the social protection authorities at the place of registration in order for you to receive a certificate confirming that the monthly child allowance was not assigned or paid.

Step 7

Do not be upset if for some reason you are unable to apply for the benefit yourself, your spouse may well do this.

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