How To Become An Actor At The Age Of 14 For A Teenager

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How To Become An Actor At The Age Of 14 For A Teenager
How To Become An Actor At The Age Of 14 For A Teenager
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All ages are submissive to acting. The stage is always open to new talents, especially young ones. But minors often have problems with the fact that their freedom is very limited. Therefore, the dream of becoming an actor at the age of 14 sometimes seems transcendental.

How to become an actor at the age of 14 for a teenager
How to become an actor at the age of 14 for a teenager

Acting schools

Almost every city has schools or special clubs that teach acting.

To get there, most likely, you will have to go through a qualifying competition, and if the city is large, then the competition can be high. At such contests, it is usually required to tell an excerpt from a poem or prose, which they give to prepare in advance.

Theater-studio "Fidgets" is known as one of the best performing arts schools in Russia. The studio has helped to reveal the talent of many Russian actors. All information about the learning process and opportunities can be found on the official website.

You can also use the services of a tutor if in the place where you live, teenagers do not have the opportunity to enroll in an acting class. However, in this case, be prepared to pay a lot of money to your personal teacher.


School cannot be written off, because at the age of 14 this is exactly what takes up most of the time and energy in a teenager's life.

Therefore, it is very important to find a balance between the efforts spent on teaching acting and schoolwork. To do this, use the school stage as actively as possible: try to participate in various productions, organize your own theatrical performances, star in small school films.

So you will notice that schoolwork does not interfere with your creative development, but, on the contrary, contributes to the disclosure of talent. With such behavior, you can achieve the location of your parents to your interests, and they, in turn, will help you become a novice actor.


Scroll through the latest news for your city and region. Perhaps you will come across an invitation from an advertising company to come to the casting. Many famous actors started with a simple commercial. Even if you do not expect to get a role, still go to the casting, as this will expand your comfort zone, and this is the most important thing for an actor.

Work on yourself

Special books on the theory of performing arts can help in your development. Before reading everything, try to figure out which of the sources you can trust. For example, acquaintance, at least in theory, with the Stanislavsky system, of course, will give you a great impetus for the development of acting.

Constantly train your speech by reading difficult passages from books aloud, learn to control your emotions, film yourself on a video camera to get used to and feel relaxed in front of the lens.

Stellar experience

Even if you think that you are ready to play the main role, and you will be offered a secondary plan, never rush to refuse. Read the biography of Marilyn Monroe: at the beginning of her career, her roles were not as serious as in the famous film "There are only girls in jazz." The directors did not want to notice her talent until the very end, but the actress played her secondary roles so skillfully that the audience came to the cinema just to look at her.

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