How To Teach A Child To Hear

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How To Teach A Child To Hear
How To Teach A Child To Hear

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It is important to understand initially that there is no easy solution in raising children and that no pedagogical council will make an obedient child out of a little spoiled child in one day. Parents talk to their children several times a day. Some babies do not need a special approach, however, mischievous people need special treatment. Teaching a child to hear your requests is possible if you spend effort, attention, time and follow a number of rules.

How to teach a child to hear
How to teach a child to hear


Step 1

Give the baby a signal to listen, a signal that the order is coming. The easiest way to get a child's attention is by calling him by name. But you cannot do this from the next room, from afar, because the main element of this stage is eye contact. Requests made by looking into the eyes are more likely to inspire respect and a desire to obey. So, call the child by name, stand next to him, look into his eyes. If it's not enough to call by name, then say directly: "Look at me", and if necessary, take his chin.

Step 2

Your gaze has paused the child's activity, now is the time to give the order. In doing so, be respectful, but firm, without hesitation. Make sure your non-verbal behavior also expresses authority. Your gestures, facial expressions, intonation, posture should be controlled. Stand a short distance from the baby, take an imperative pose. Don't ask, just tell me what you want. One order is enough. Perhaps the child will protest. Do not discuss, do not arrange debate. It is worth giving him one explanation, without particularly expanding and not repeating what has already been said. If the child continues to ask questions, then answer: "I have already told you everything." Ask your child to repeat what has been told.

Step 3

Having finished your request, you just have to stand and look carefully at the child for another fifteen seconds. Don't move. It may seem strange, but a closer look will make the baby think about what he needs to do. He may ask what you are watching. You can not answer the question, or say that you are waiting for him to do, as said. Remember, you don't have to explain anything.

Step 4

If the child complied with the request, you must certainly praise him. Give him signs of gratitude and approval.

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