What Are The Rights Of A Child In Kindergarten

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What Are The Rights Of A Child In Kindergarten
What Are The Rights Of A Child In Kindergarten

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From birth, a child has a number of rights that are listed in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. On the basis of this, as well as other Russian legal documents, where all the rights of children are clearly described, the work of preschool institutions is being built. Unfortunately, often in kindergartens, the rights of pupils are violated, and parents, for the most part, ignorant of this issue, leave their children offenders unpunished.

What are the rights of a child in kindergarten
What are the rights of a child in kindergarten

Right to health

One of the first items on the list of rights is the right to health. A child in kindergarten has the right to qualified assistance, which must be provided on time. If the baby falls ill in the garden, the staff must immediately notify the parents and ask permission to give the necessary medications.

No one has the right, not even a nurse, to be vaccinated or given medicine without parental permission. It often happens that when doing mass vaccinations in the garden, parents are not asked if their child can be vaccinated. This is a direct violation of rights. For such an attitude to the staff, you can write a complaint. And even more so, no one can force a child to be vaccinated and scare him that he will be denied a visit to the kindergarten. An unvaccinated child can attend kindergarten. If a child is denied a visit, you should know that this is not indicated in the rights.

The right to physical and creative development

The preschool institution is obliged to develop the child comprehensively. A prerequisite for a kindergarten is the presence of developmental activities, games, circles that will allow the child to show and develop their abilities. In any kindergarten, full-time teachers are provided who are able to develop children both mentally and physically. For each age group, an individual development program is drawn up, based on children's characteristics of a particular age. If children are just playing, watching cartoons or running down the street, then their rights are grossly violated. In kindergarten, in addition to games, the child must be mentally busy.

Time to play is also right

Everything should be the same in the kindergarten. As there is a specially allotted time for various activities, so are the obligatory hours for the game. In kindergarten, a child should rest, feel freedom and naturally feel like a child. Outdoor games are required. Putting children to watch cartoons for half a day is unacceptable.

The right to protect your interests

If the child needs something, the teacher is obliged to respond to his request. He wants to go to the toilet, drink water or change his wet T-shirt - no request should be ignored. It often happens that a child, for example, has doused himself or got dirty and asks him to change clothes, and a teacher or nanny, busy with other things, allows the baby to walk wet or dirty. If the child says that he is cold, tired, does not feel well, measures should be taken immediately with regard to the baby.

Right to respect

Thinking that a child can be yelled at, rudely pulled by the hand, or constantly shamed in front of other children is a flagrant violation of the child's rights. Child abuse, which includes both physical and mental abuse, is criminalized.

Unfortunately, it is this right that is most often violated in preschool institutions. Although it is clearly stated in the rights of the child that one should not raise one's voice at children, call them names, scold them in front of everyone, “hand out” slaps on the head, neglect their needs. All this should be stopped by the parents.

Right to food

One of the main requirements for children's institutions of all types is the organization of good nutrition. High-quality and healthy food strengthens and develops the child's body. Children just need sufficient, and most importantly, proper nutrition. Parents must constantly monitor what their offspring is fed.If you notice expired food, heavily fried or undercooked food, food that children cannot eat - you need to immediately file complaints with higher authorities. Too small portions or monotonous eating are also violations. By the way, it is also impossible to force a child to eat what he does not like or does not want.

Parents are obliged to monitor the observance of the rights of the baby. First of all, the kindergarten where your kid will go must meet all quality standards. Attention should be paid to the professionalism of teachers and other personnel, to check what the children are fed, according to what programs the babies are developed. Each parent can convey all their observations to the head of the kindergarten. If the management of the kindergarten does not pay attention to the complaints of parents, certain measures are not taken to eliminate the problems, you need to seek help from law enforcement agencies.

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