What Rights Do Unemployed Pregnant Women Have?

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What Rights Do Unemployed Pregnant Women Have?
What Rights Do Unemployed Pregnant Women Have?

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Female students, housewives, or women who recently quit their jobs and did not have time to get a new job, being pregnant, often worry that they will be less eligible for benefits and benefits. In fact, unemployed women in a position are also entitled to certain benefits, although there are fewer of them and they are usually in smaller amounts than for working pregnant women.

What rights do unemployed pregnant women have?
What rights do unemployed pregnant women have?

Benefits for unemployed pregnant women

All working pregnant women receive a one-time maternity allowance, which can be obtained on the basis of a sick leave issued by the antenatal clinic. But the unemployed can also receive this benefit if they are registered with the Employment Center and are officially recognized as unemployed. Also, a maternity allowance is issued to pregnant female students of the stationary form of study. In other cases, these payments are not eligible, and no other family member can receive this benefit.

If a woman registers with an antenatal clinic early in her pregnancy, she is entitled to a small payment in addition to the benefits described above. Officially unemployed pregnant women registered with the Employment Center are also eligible for these payments.

After the birth of a child, all women, regardless of their place of work or lack of employment, are entitled to a one-time payment for the birth of a child. The Social Insurance Fund pays them, the amount depends on the number of children born. If a woman already has one or more children, she can receive maternity capital, even if she does not work.

All women who are citizens of the Russian Federation who have given birth or adopted two or more children have the right to maternity capital.

Women who give birth are entitled to a monthly allowance for caring for a child up to one and a half years, the unemployed are given this amount in the minimum amount. You need to apply for these payments to the social protection department at the place of registration, while the child must be registered in the same place as the mother. The amount of the benefit varies by region. If both parents work, then this allowance can be registered either for the father or for the mother, but if the mother does not work, then it is she who must take care of the child, and she receives payments.

Other rights of unemployed pregnant women

By law, if a pregnant woman gets a job, she cannot be denied an appointment on the basis of her pregnancy. An employer who does not hire a pregnant woman for this reason is criminally liable.

The exceptions are cases when the position provides for such qualities that are not compatible with pregnancy.

Both working and unemployed pregnant women have the right to free medical care in any antenatal clinic or clinic, regardless of the place of registration, you can register at any clinic. Pregnant women are eligible for some free medications and vitamins that you can ask your doctor about early on.

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