How To Wean A Child From Eating Snow

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How To Wean A Child From Eating Snow
How To Wean A Child From Eating Snow

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All parents know that eating snow is dangerous to health. But for a child, this fact is not at all obvious. Having discovered that he eats snow while walking, it is necessary to immediately take measures to eradicate this bad habit.

How to wean a child from eating snow
How to wean a child from eating snow


Step 1

Educate your child about the hazards that a child may have when eating snow. The first is cold. Explain that even if the snow was perfectly clear, which is never the case in practice, the temperature is always below zero degrees Celsius. In other words, in terms of the danger of angina, snow is more dangerous than even cold water, the temperature of which is usually about four to five degrees. In addition, snow, unlike cold water, affects teeth. Their sharp hypothermia can cause cracks in their enamel.

Step 2

Show your child illustrations of microorganisms. Inform him that these invisible creatures are present in even the purest-looking snow samples. Read with him (at least on Wikipedia) about dangerous diseases caused by these microorganisms. Pay special attention to the unpleasant symptoms of diseases, as well as the fact that, having fallen ill with them, you will have to go to the hospital (children are very afraid of this).

Step 3

If you have a microscope, in the presence of the child, take a sample of seemingly clean snow, melt it, and place the resulting water between two glasses. Place the drug under the lens of the device, and let the child see with his own eyes that it contains dangerous germs.

Step 4

If a child sees a dog eating snow on the street, explain to him that the immune system of this animal is significantly different from that of a human. That is worth at least the fact that a dog can eat raw meat, which a person should not do under any circumstances.

Step 5

Do whatever is necessary to keep your child free from thirst. Perhaps he eats snow solely for this reason. Take a thermos with filtered water heated to about 50 degrees Celsius for a walk with your child. In a region with poor sanitary conditions, boiled or bottled water should be used. But try not to accustom your child to ice cream.

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