How To Choose A Schoolbag

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How To Choose A Schoolbag
How To Choose A Schoolbag

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A schoolbag is one of the most important things for a little student. If it is incorrectly selected, the child may have various problems, ranging from juice spilled on textbooks and ending with poor posture. There are many different factors to consider when choosing the right satchel.

How to choose a schoolbag
How to choose a schoolbag

Schoolbag requirements

According to hygienic standards, the schoolbag of a primary school student, along with its contents, should not weigh more than 2-3 kilograms. Therefore, the lightest model should be chosen for the first grader.

The back of a high-quality knapsack should be orthopedic, made of foam rubber and flexible plastic. Thanks to this backrest, the load on the child's spine is evenly distributed. And the soft foam inserts do not allow the contents of the backpack to press hard on the student's back. The back cover must be breathable, otherwise the child's back will constantly sweat.

A little trick: if the handle of the backpack is located so that it is not very convenient to carry it in the hands, the child will always put it on his back.

The next important parameter of a good backpack is comfortable shoulder straps. They should be elastic, wide (at least 4-8 cm) and equipped with soft liners so as not to injure the shoulders. In addition, the straps should be adjustable in length so that the child can wear the satchel on any clothes.

Inside the high-quality backpack is a rigid aluminum frame that allows it to hold its shape. Thanks to this insert, textbooks and notebooks are evenly spaced inside the backpack and do not wrinkle, even if the child leaves it on the ground or in a pile of other school bags, briefcases and backpacks.

Pay attention to the presence of reflective elements. They should be located on all sides - on the front side of the backpack, on the sides and on the straps. It is good if catchy fluorescent materials are used in the decoration of the backpack, making the student more noticeable in the daytime.

It is very convenient if the schoolbag has a lot of pockets and various compartments. In them, the child will be able to neatly place all the little things necessary for study. And also take a bottle of water, breakfast, and a cell phone with you to school.

Check the seams of the product - the stitching should be strong and even, as children often use school bags instead of ice bags or high chairs. Have your child open and close all fasteners on their own.

Where is the best place to buy a schoolbag

It is best to buy a schoolbag in a specialized children's store. There is much more choice there than in small departments of school supplies. In addition, serious retail outlets usually value their reputation, and their entire range has certificates confirming the compliance of products with sanitary standards.

Large children's stores often have their own websites where you can familiarize yourself with the assortment in advance.

It is necessary to choose a schoolbag together with a child - a small student should like the acquisition. Try on a satchel in a loaded state - this way its flaws are more noticeable.

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