How To Hold A Small Child

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How To Hold A Small Child
How To Hold A Small Child

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When the first child appears in a young family, parents often ask themselves the question: "How can you properly hold the baby so as not to harm him?" In order for the child's musculoskeletal system to form correctly, young mothers need to know that the correct position of his spine, muscle corset and the development of the hip joints will depend on how he is held.

How to hold a small child
How to hold a small child


Step 1

If the baby is still very small and does not hold his head, you should provide him with neck and head support. It is forbidden to hold the child so that his head is thrown back. Do not use sudden movements when lifting or lowering. It is better to take the baby with only two hands, and even more so do not pull it towards you, holding by the hands, since the joints at such an early age are very weak and may not withstand such loads. You can take a newborn in different positions, but most importantly, do not forget that it is convenient for both of you.

Step 2

Many young children enjoy being carried over the shoulder. To do this, you need to lift the child with a smooth movement so that his torso is in an upright position, and his head is on your shoulder. It is necessary to hold the torso with one hand, and the neck and head with the other. It is important to remember that it is better to support the little body along the entire spine, thereby evenly distributing the load on it. You need to hold the baby firmly so that he feels calm. This position is very good for colic, allowing the rapid release of air bubbles from the intestines. After eating, it is also recommended to hold the baby in an upright position until the baby spits up.

Step 3

Supporting the baby under the breast, place him on your thigh so that his torso is tilted slightly forward. You should not be afraid that you are planting the baby, since there is no support on the spine in this case. The weight of the torso is fully supported by your own hand.

Step 4

With one hand under your breast, press your baby's back firmly against your body. With your other hand, hug the baby's thigh, bending his legs at the joints. In this position, your child will be more interested in watching what is happening around. Remember that the weight of a newborn under 6 months should not be on your hand that supports his butt. This is very harmful to the spine and can ruin his posture in the future.

Step 5

The classic way of carrying a baby in your arms, face up, is suitable from the first days of his life. Thus, the baby lies almost completely on your hand, and the head is located on the elbow. Your other hand should support the back. In this case, the little body has three supports: the pelvic region, the back of the head and the shoulder blades. In addition, you can put your baby on your forearm with your stomach. At the same time, his head is located on the bend of the elbow of one arm, and the other, passing between the legs, gently supports the tummy.

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