Can A Child Watch TV

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Can A Child Watch TV
Can A Child Watch TV

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For babies under one year old and older, a TV or computer is a "universal irritant", since it involves most of the organs of perception - vision, hearing, emotions of the child. At an older age, when children learn to memorize a plot, the TV “loads” the child's intelligence as well. Therefore, TV viewing can perform a developmental function, but subject to certain conditions.

Can a child watch TV
Can a child watch TV


Step 1

Parents should limit the amount of time they watch TV. Children from one and a half to three years old can watch it no more than half an hour a day, children from three to seven years old - about 40 minutes, older children should not spend more than 2 hours a day at the screens. An impressionable child is not advised to watch TV before bed, as this can provoke problems with falling asleep. It is better for children of younger preschool age to include domestic short cartoons, which last no more than 15-20 minutes.

Step 2

If the TV is your assistant (for example, the child is calmly watching cartoons, and you trim his nails or clean his ears), choose a time when cartoons or children's programs are on TV. However, such procedures should not be abused.

Step 3

Among other things, TV has a positive effect on the formation of a child's vocabulary. Therefore, it is important that the baby watches programs that are suitable for his age. To consolidate new words and concepts, have a conversation with your baby or read a book in which these terms are found.

Step 4

In some cases, television can help develop perseverance in children with attention deficit problems. For such fidgets, it will become a kind of learning tool, but viewing programs must be accompanied by explanations from an adult.

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