Can A 6 Month Old Baby Watch TV?

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Can A 6 Month Old Baby Watch TV?
Can A 6 Month Old Baby Watch TV?
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Many people find it difficult to imagine their life without a TV. But when a child appears in a family, young parents often wonder whether it is possible to turn on the TV for a baby, and at what age it is worth starting such entertainment.

Can a 6 month old baby watch TV
Can a 6 month old baby watch TV

Why is TV bad for a 6 month old baby?

Over the past 2-3 decades, the trends in animation have changed significantly. "Good old cartoons" are not as popular for a long time as they used to be. Despite the fact that modern animated videos are no less good and beautiful, they have a key difference - very high speed. Yes, modern children easily perceive information in such a rhythm, but for a half-year-old child, rapidly changing personnel is too difficult a test for the psyche.

Perhaps parents may think that a 6-month-old baby likes to watch TV and even understands something. In fact, this is impossible: at this age, the child is not able to comprehend even the most elementary plot. For a crumbs, any video will seem just flickering light frames, which are capable, to some extent, "zombie" it.

Television can cause significant harm to a nursing baby. Even the most positive programs and cartoons are too much stress on both the eyesight and the brain of the crumbs.

Some pediatricians are of the opinion that the TV should not be turned on with a child up to 2 years old, let alone an earlier age. It is also recommended to get rid of the habit of leaving the TV on in the background.

Possible benefits of TV for babies

Despite the fact that the effect of the TV on a small child is negative and it is better not to turn on this device at all in the presence of a crumbs, there are several situations when an exception should be made.

If a six-month-old has a persistent interest in television, go for the trick. Include special videos in which pleasant music sounds, and frames change very slowly. For example, it can be shooting nature to the sounds of classical or meditative music. These videos can even calm a toddler who is prone to nervousness and over-activity.

In the case when the baby does not give the mother the opportunity to be distracted by anything at all, while showing interest in the TV, clearly fixing the attention on the video sequence, an exception can be made. It's okay to include good cartoons for a few minutes. During this time, mom can, for example, go to the shower or warm up lunch. After that, you need not just turn off the TV (so the baby can get upset), but first distract him with a toy or other activity.

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