What Candies To Give A Girl

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What Candies To Give A Girl
What Candies To Give A Girl

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Video: What Candies To Give A Girl
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If you want to win the heart of a girl you like, you cannot do without the courtship process, which is often referred to as the candy-bouquet period. How long it will be and whether you achieve your goal is up to you.

What candies to give a girl
What candies to give a girl

It is necessary

  • - candies in a box;
  • - bonbonniere;
  • - a bouquet of sweets;
  • - packaging with an individual design;
  • - roses;
  • - purple ribbon.


Step 1

When wondering what sweets to give a girl, measure your desires and capabilities. In any case, you should not give her a banal bag of caramel or some other sweets sold by weight. It is better if your gift has a decent frame, namely, an attractive packaging.

Step 2

Choose chocolates in a box. At the same time, you can show special attention and not only present a sweet surprise, but also subtly hint about your feelings. So, if you have real passion, buy a box of chocolates made in the shape of a large red heart. The girl will certainly appreciate your gesture. And if you attach a few more purple roses to this gift, she will definitely not have any doubts about your feelings.

Step 3

Surprise your girlfriend by presenting her with a custom-designed box of chocolates. Contact any printing company with a request to make packaging for sweets, for example, with a photograph of your chosen one and with some kind of romantic inscription, for example: "Every minute your beautiful image is in front of me, (girl's name)." When the original packaging is ready, carefully transfer the candies into it and beautifully tie the packaging with scarlet tape. There can be any idea for decorating an original candy box, the main thing is that it does not look unaesthetic, boring and trite.

Step 4

Find out about your girlfriend's preferences, choose sweets according to her taste preferences. Maybe she loves chocolate with liqueur or cognac, but hates Bird's milk or marmalade. If you give her candy that she really loves, you have a better chance of winning her love.

Step 5

Present your beloved girl with a bonbonniere with sweets, choose a product designed in accordance with the character of your chosen one. So, if she is a fragile romantic nature, buy a bonbonniere made of fabric, decorated with embroidery and lace. For a more modern girl who does not like excessive romance, present sweets in a democratic - glass, cardboard or plastic bonbonniere, in the design of which there are fashionable avant-garde or any other plots.

Step 6

Present another rather spectacular present - a bouquet of sweets. You can order the design of the bouquet and its filling individually. Services for the manufacture of such gifts are made by both private craftsmen and specialized firms. In your city, find the contacts of the manufacturers of bouquets of sweets via the Internet by entering the corresponding request in the search box. In addition, if you feel a lot of creativity in yourself, you can try making an original candy bouquet yourself. There are many creative ideas and step-by-step instructions for bringing them to life on the web.

Step 7

Remember that it is not only the sweet present itself that is important, but also the mood with which you present it. Smile, be courteous and gallant, and the girl will certainly appreciate your attention to herself.

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