How Not To Dislike Your Boyfriend

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How Not To Dislike Your Boyfriend
How Not To Dislike Your Boyfriend

Video: How Not To Dislike Your Boyfriend

Video: How Not To Dislike Your Boyfriend

Popular wisdom says that men "love" with their eyes. If you feel the first signs of cooling in your relationship, do not rush to create a scandal. It is better to soberly analyze the situation and take a number of measures, including to improve your appearance.

How not to dislike your boyfriend
How not to dislike your boyfriend


Step 1

Pay attention to your appearance. Perhaps you should pay more attention to yourself: sign up for a fitness club, visit a solarium, a manicurist and a beautician. Maybe your chosen one is really so attracted by the external data of girls that he simply cannot see the beauty in you. There are also a great many opinions about beauty, it is worth warning against bold experiments with appearance, such as: green or crimson hair, as well as excessive tattoos, piercings and the like - men are most often conservative and are not able to appreciate your creative impulse.

Step 2

Think and try to honestly answer to yourself the question: what does my young man need? Undoubtedly, here and home comfort, and the ability to cook borscht, and cooing at the hearth - those simple priorities that all girls have been oriented to since childhood. But does your boyfriend need it? Don't be offended if he stares coldly at homemade pies. It is possible that his element is extreme, and food is fast food. Try to take it for granted, so as not to part afterwards.

Step 3

Do not "nag" it. There is nothing worse than a girl itchy like an annoying fly. If your boyfriend needs to be alone with himself and his feelings, you should not try to immediately sort things out and find the reason. Give him the opportunity to "sit in his own hole" and recuperate.

Step 4

It is best if you have some kind of shared hobby: skiing, cycling, sport fishing trips or home canning. It brings them together incredibly. Common interests and a circle of acquaintances appear, and this is no longer so easy to part with.

Step 5

Don't overdo it with your own intelligence. There is nothing worse than publicly "putting in a puddle" your chosen one, at the same time exposing him as an ignoramus. Male pride is very vulnerable, and such an act will be enough for a serious quarrel and, possibly, parting.

Step 6

Watch yourself. Dress smartly, meet friends - in short, make time for yourself. After all, for a man whose day is 95% of the process of making money, only 5% remains for communication with a girl. Accordingly, try to make sure that meetings with you bring him only pleasure and positive emotions.

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