How To Numb A Girl

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How To Numb A Girl
How To Numb A Girl

Video: How To Numb A Girl

Video: How To Numb A Girl
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And when meeting a girl, and if the relationship has already been established, the young man wants to surprise and stun a beautiful creature in order to show his exclusivity and originality. A simple bouquet of flowers or going to the movies will not blow your mind. Prove that you are capable of extraordinary gestures and actions to make the woman interesting with you.

How to numb a girl
How to numb a girl


Step 1

When you see a beautiful girl you want to meet, go up to her and hand her your mobile phone with the words: "Here is my phone, I'll call you later!" This will certainly amaze the lovely stranger, and even if she refuses your number, you will start a conversation.

Step 2

If you're working with the subject and she doesn't pay attention to you, get a photo of her and order a large car sticker. It will have the girl's face and your declaration of love. Stick it on your car, which a colleague will certainly see.

Step 3

You can order a calendar with a photo of your passion and stick it over your desk. This will amaze the girl and make her pay attention to you.

Step 4

If you know which way she goes home, arrange a pleasant surprise on the path before she steps on it. In winter, stick beautiful roses into the snowdrifts on the sides of the path, in the spring decorate a bush or small tree with delicate flowers. Such romantic gestures will definitely stun any woman.

Step 5

Collect fragrant fruits, delicious chocolates, a bottle of quality wine and elegant dishes in a beautiful wicker basket, put a luxurious bouquet on top and a note in which you invite the girl to go on a picnic with this set and its donor. Write down that the basket with the contents is a gift that remains with her anyway.

Step 6

For your beloved, buy a bouquet of flowers and insert one artificial one into it, but very similar to the real one. Write on the card that you will love her until the last flower withers. Give this present. The girl will be very surprised and stunned when she discovers the surprise hidden by you.

Step 7

Launch burning Chinese lanterns into the night sky - this is a very spectacular sight that will be remembered by your beloved for a long time. In general, the flame of red candles sets you in a romantic mood and always delights the fair sex, use this from time to time.

Step 8

In winter, you can paint a heart in the snow with a can of gasoline for a lighter and set it on fire, you get an inexpensive and instant surprise that will delight your girlfriend.

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