Playpens For Children: Basic Types

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Playpens For Children: Basic Types
Playpens For Children: Basic Types

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When the child begins to move actively, a miracle invention comes to the aid of the parents - the playpen. It is designed to protect the child from various dangers, and to give the mother the opportunity to do household chores without fear.

Playpens for children: basic types
Playpens for children: basic types

For seventy years since the day of its invention, this piece of furniture has undergone changes not only external, but also functional. You can play in it, sleep … but you never know what to do? Choosing a suitable arena is not an easy task, as the stores offer a huge variety of these products. Knowing the required characteristics and types of this children's accessory will help you choose the best option.

Simple playpens

The simplest and most inexpensive is the arena-net. It is named so because the walls of the arena are made of a translucent mesh. The bottom is usually in such arenas oilcloth with a soft interlayer, which wraps around a solid base. The main plus of the arena-net is that, thanks to its lightweight design, it can be easily carried from place to place, and if the need for it suddenly disappeared, it can be easily rolled up and put under the bed or into the closet. For a small room, manufacturers offer corner arenas. They are great space savers.

There are arenas that are made of wood. Instead of a grid, there is a wooden lattice, similar to the one on the cribs. The bottom in these arenas is adjustable in height. This feature is very useful. If a child, for example, has grown up and can independently crawl out of his "house", then the bottom can be lowered lower in order to avoid "escape".

While mesh arenas are usually square or circular, wooden prototypes can contain up to eight corners. There are even arenas that can be easily transformed into a kind of fence, disassembled into sections. Their design allows you to increase or decrease the playing space.

Multifunctional arenas

The playpen is a multifunctional type. A child in such an arena can not only play, but also sleep. The berth is usually fixed on the upper tier, which can be easily removed if desired. The lower level is the arena. Such a versatile playpen saves not only space in the apartment (one item serves as a playpen and a bed), but also family money.

Universal playpens can be equipped with a variety of items that help the child in his development. Various toys, suction cups and strings are designed to keep the child from getting bored.

To help the mother, some of the offered models provide linen boxes, a removable diaper, shelves for things, a sun visor, a mosquito net.

Multifunctional playpens include such original protective children's furniture, which resembles a playhouse or tent. Several kids can be in such play areas at once. There are "multi-room" houses with windows, doors and even a roof. Playing in such a place for children seems to be a very exciting experience.

For a summer residence or a street, inflatable structures are widespread, as well as sectional fences, which can be assembled in different ways. Such playpens are great for a large room.

The arena model can be any. The main thing is that the child likes to be in it.

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