What Days Is It Customary To Guess

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What Days Is It Customary To Guess
What Days Is It Customary To Guess

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Riddles of the future, the desire to lift the veil of obscurity for a long time affected the minds of people. Fortune telling has become one of the ways to predict the future. But over the centuries, people began to notice that on certain days the results of fortune-telling almost always came true.

What days is it customary to guess
What days is it customary to guess

Fortune telling during Christmas time

Fortune-telling has always been considered a black business, unclean. People were afraid that by guessing, they might call themselves into trouble. But there are days when the forces of good will be able to protect from the unclean. It was on such days that people tried to guess. Christmas and Yuletide refer precisely to those days when a person's protection reaches its maximum. After all, these are the brightest days of the year. On Christmas Eve, January 6, earlier in the villages, many people began to guess. These fortune-telling continued until baptism - January 19.

To help fortunetellers, the power of nature

Not only in winter, but also in summer, there are dates on which you can guess. You can start fortune-telling from the holiday of Trinity and until the day of Ivan Kupala. Trinity is a religious holiday that has its own date every year. It is easily counted: it is enough to add 50 days to the Easter holiday. It is the fiftieth day that will be the feast of the Trinity. And Midsummer's Day is celebrated on the night of July 6-7. In some countries living according to the Gregorian calendar, different from the Julian calendar adopted in Russia, the day of Ivan Kupala is celebrated on the night of June 23-24. The energy of nature, land and plants helped the fortunetellers, gave strength. It was believed that these days fortune-telling would be the most accurate. But guessing these days is better only for good news: how many children there will be, when the girl gets married, whether the desire will come true.

Fortune telling by the lunar calendar

Many fortunetellers are sure that the truth of predictions only increases from the moon. This is due to the fact that on certain days the influence of this luminary on a person increases, helping to open feelings latent on ordinary days. Guessing is best at night. It is especially good if this night is with a full moon. It is good to guess on certain days of the lunar month. Namely - the second, fifth, sixth, seventh, tenth, twelfth and thirteenth.

Besides the moon, Venus can help improve intuition and sixth sense. Favorable days for fortune-telling will be those days when both the Moon and Venus will be in the zodiac sign in which the fortuneteller was born.

It is also interesting that any natural events affect the ability to foresee. The parade of planets, starfalls, solar and lunar eclipses can increase the sensitivity to the anomalous. But guessing on such days is dangerous, since you can incur negative forces if you send your thoughts in the wrong direction.

Divination on ordinary days

If the holidays and days on which it is auspicious to fortune-telling are still far away, you can use the regular calendar. On weekends and Friday fortune telling will be untrue. On Thursday, fortune-telling is to a greater extent true, and on Monday often bring negative results. It is good if the thirteenth number falls on Friday in the month. Then fortune telling can be considered almost 100% accurate. It is good to guess on the first day of the New Year, as well as on your birthday. They liked to guess at the betrothed on Andreevskaya night on April 26. And December 13 was considered the day of the Christmastide rehearsal.

Time of day and divination

Not only the days, but also the time for fortune-telling determined his veracity. In the afternoon, fortune-telling was carried out very rarely and was considered unreliable. Best of all for fortune telling is the night from midnight to the crowing of the roosters - dawn.

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