How To Get A Child To Kindergarten

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How To Get A Child To Kindergarten
How To Get A Child To Kindergarten

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Fees for kindergarten, especially if a child goes there for the first time, is a very responsible matter. After all, there will be no mother or grandmother nearby who will take care of the child. To make your child's stay in kindergarten comfortable, take care of the necessary things in advance.

How to get a child to kindergarten
How to get a child to kindergarten

It is necessary

  • - a set of spare clothes;
  • - sports uniforms;
  • -


Step 1

Ask in kindergarten what kind of things your child will need. Usually, before the start of the school year, all parents are given a list of necessary things. This may include stationery (colored paper, gouache, watercolors, pencils), detergents and hygiene items (napkins, toilet paper), shoes (gym shoes, sandals), clothing (pajamas, sports uniforms, clothing for being in a group).

Step 2

The smaller the child, the more spare clothes should be in his locker. Put one or even two or three changes of underwear, tights. Depending on the season, the child may need spare pants, a T-shirt, a dress. If your child is not eating very carefully, chances are good that he will spend the whole day in dirty clothes after breakfast, if you have not taken care of a spare.

Step 3

Choose clothes and shoes that the child can wear on their own: shoes should be with Velcro, not lace-up, buttons - not too small. On outerwear, a zipper lock is preferable. Label your baby's clothes. Embroider his initials on the wrong side of the garment, or use special lettering kits. To prevent the mittens from getting lost, sew a ribbon or elastic to them. Waterproof pants will protect your child's clothes in autumn and winter. Be sure to explain to your child what exactly he should wear for a walk. Practice putting on clothes consistently at home.

Step 4

Place extra items in a separate bag so that the child or caregiver does not mix anything up. Put in a stall and a dirty bag. Remember to give your child a handkerchief.

Step 5

To prevent the child from feeling lonely, allow him to take his favorite toy with him. Try not to give your baby technically sophisticated devices to avoid breakage. A teddy bear, a doll, a small car is enough.

Step 6

Before kindergarten, go through a medical commission, get all the necessary vaccinations and get a certificate that the child is healthy and can go to kindergarten.

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