How To Enroll In Kindergarten Via The Internet

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How To Enroll In Kindergarten Via The Internet
How To Enroll In Kindergarten Via The Internet

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For convenience and time saving, the service of enrolling a child in a kindergarten is provided in Moscow through the electronic system "Completing a preschool educational institution". This opportunity is available to parents from October 1, 2010. With its help, you can not only enroll the child in the kindergarten immediately after receiving the birth certificate, but also track the queue of the baby's movement to the preschool.

How to enroll in kindergarten via the Internet
How to enroll in kindergarten via the Internet

It is necessary

  • - birth certificate of the child;
  • - passport of the child's representative (one of the parents or guardian);
  • - document on the registration of the child;
  • - a document confirming the benefit for determining a child in a preschool educational institution (if any).


Step 1

To enroll a child in the kindergarten via the Internet, go to the website of the electronic commission, find the tab "Registration instructions", carefully read the preschool institutions presented and the sample of filling out the registration form.

Step 2

Click on the link "fill out the application form". After that, a page will open, at the bottom of which you can see an offer to fill out the first registration form. In it, you must provide your login, indicate the email address and personal data of the child's representative. After this registration, you will be asked to choose an application form for a place in kindergarten: permanent or temporary (if the parents plan to move in the future, for example).

Step 3

After choosing the application form, a window with instructions will "pop up", which you must also carefully read, and then correctly fill out the basic registration, indicating the data of the child's birth certificate, your personal data, information about benefits, if any. Select and indicate the DOW itself. Having selected the necessary district and district in the drop-down list, find the pre-selected gardens in the left list, when you click on it, your choice will be displayed in the right window and a proposal to make this or that institution a priority. In total, you can choose up to three preschool educational institutions, making only one priority. Indicate the estimated time at which you think the child will start going to the garden (from two years old, from three, four).

Step 4

After successful registration, the user is assigned a code that must be written down or memorized in order to receive information about the movement of the child in the electronic queue.

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