How To Enroll In Kindergarten

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How To Enroll In Kindergarten
How To Enroll In Kindergarten

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Kindergarten is a real lifesaver for parents. It not only allows them to free up their time to go to work, but also helps the kids to socialize. There is an opinion that in order to enroll a child in kindergarten, you need to go through all the circles of hell and collect an incredible amount of certificates. We suggest taking a closer look at the procedure for obtaining a place in kindergarten.

How to enroll in kindergarten
How to enroll in kindergarten

It is necessary

In order for your child to get his place in the queue, you must provide his birth certificate, the passport of one of the parents (it is desirable that the registration in the passport is in the area where the kindergarten you have chosen is located), the child's medical card in the form of F26, as well as certificates confirming the benefits, if any


Step 1

Firstly, immediately after the appearance of the baby, it is worth finding out all the necessary information about the situation with kindergartens in your area. In some cities there is a long queue, so you should apply as early as possible. There are places in other settlements, so there is no need to worry in advance. In addition, choose several kindergartens that suit you completely. Pay attention to the availability of swimming pools, sports sections, classes for creativity and language learning in institutions.

Step 2

The next step is to submit an application to a special commission for the acquisition of educational institutions, which implements the basic educational program of preschool education. The address where the commission is located can be found in the local RONO. It is worth remembering that in most cases the commission works according to a specific schedule. Therefore, in order not to waste time, it is better to immediately find out the working hours of the specialists.

Step 3

In order to enroll in a kindergarten, in the commission you will need a child's birth certificate and your passport, as well as a certificate confirming the benefits. If the child requires special conditions for health reasons, then a medical card in the form of F26 should be provided. In addition, you will need to write a statement. In it, you must indicate the addresses of the kindergartens to which you would like to give your baby. It is better to write several addresses, otherwise it may turn out that there are no places in the required institution. In this case, you may be offered another, completely inappropriate option.

After completing the application, you receive either a referral to a kindergarten (if the child is already ready to go to it), or a notification confirming that the child is registered in the register of future pupils and is in line for a place.

Step 4


Today there are many electronic services that make the life of Muscovites much easier. These services are especially useful at a time when it is important to do everything quickly and preferably without leaving home. Young mothers will understand.

Even before the birth of the child, the expectant mother thinks about which kindergarten her baby will go to and how to submit all the necessary documents in time to enroll the child in a preschool institution. In this article, we will tell you how to apply for a kindergarten on the portal, as well as share useful tips for getting services from the Family and Children and Education sections.

How to apply to kindergarten?

To enroll a child in kindergarten, you must first register on the portal using your email address, full name and phone number.

In the "Services" section, select the "Education" section, then the "Preschool education" subsection, then go to the "Kindergartens" section and select the "Kindergarten enrollment" service or follow the link.

Then press the button "Get the service". In the application form, indicate the date of birth of the child and the desired year of admission.Then select the type of registration of the child on the territory of Moscow and indicate the address of residence

After that, from the proposed list of organizations assigned to the specified address, select no more than three organizations, the first of which will be the main one, and the other two - additional. You can also choose organizations that are not assigned to the specified address, in which case the application will be considered in an additional queue, subject to the availability of vacancies in the selected institution.

Next, enter information about the child (name, date of birth, series and number of the birth certificate), as well as information about the benefits available

(if any), which give the right to priority enrollment of the child in kindergarten.

Check the entered data carefully and submit the application. Track the status of the submitted application in your Personal Account.

Step 5

How to find out the queue number for kindergarten?

In order to find out the number of the child's queue for kindergarten, in the "Education" section, select the service "Obtaining information about selected educational organizations" or

Follow the link

In the form, you must enter the application number or information about the child and click the "Find" button.

Step 6


Save the data about the children in your Personal Account and the next time you want to find out the queue number for kindergarten, register your child for a swim, see a doctor or issue a student's social card, you do not have to fill in these data manually.

Fill in your personal account

How to do it?

  1. Go to your personal account, select the section "My data"

    and the "Children" tab

  2. Fill in the following fields:
  • Full name of the child
  • Date of birth and gender
  • Series and number of certificate

    about birth

  • Date of issue of the certificate

    about birth

  • Series and number of the OMS policy


Save your data. Now you can enroll a child in a kindergarten, circles and sections, to a doctor, to a school, as well as draw up a student's social card and not waste time filling out the same information when receiving services.


Step 7

For what services this life hack is useful for you:

  • Checking the queue number for kindergarten
  • Registration in circles and sections
  • Student social card
  • Replenishment of the pass and food
  • Enrollment in first grade
  • Enrollment in kindergarten

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