How To Wean A Child From Sleeping In His Arms

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How To Wean A Child From Sleeping In His Arms
How To Wean A Child From Sleeping In His Arms
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Everyone has heard that it is not worth teaching a newborn to fall asleep in his arms. But not everyone is able to withstand even a short cry of a small child. Some mothers are able to walk the whole night with the baby in their arms, because in the crib he immediately wakes up. They hope that the grown-up child will begin to fall asleep on his own, where it should be. But several months pass, and the baby, who has gained a lot in weight, still perceives all attempts to put him to bed as a fun game.

How to wean a child from sleeping in his arms
How to wean a child from sleeping in his arms


Step 1

In any educational process, the attitude of an adult is first of all important. Reassure yourself that you need to teach your child to fall asleep without motion sickness. You must be absolutely sure of this. The correctness of your actions should also be recognized by your family. First of all, this concerns compassionate grandparents, who are firmly convinced that for the sake of the baby's convenience, parents should sacrifice everything, including their own health.

Step 2

Answer yourself to the question whether the child always falls asleep in his arms or there are some moments when he does it differently. It is possible that the baby can sleep in a stroller on the street completely calmly, even if you do not swing it at the same time, and arrange for his parents nightly concerts at home. In the warm season, you can try to lay your baby in the open air in the evening. If he is still sleeping in a wheelchair, move temporarily to the room with a balcony or loggia. After completing all the evening procedures, put your fidget in the stroller. It is possible that it will have to be shaken for some time. At the dacha, the loggia is successfully replaced by a veranda. In this case, it is better for you to sleep somewhere close to the baby.

Step 3

If the child falls asleep both day and night exclusively in his arms, think about whether it is time to change the regime. In any case, you can give up one day's sleep for a while. For a toddler who sleeps twice during the day, try not to bed in the afternoon. This, of course, will require some effort from you, the child will have to be kept busy all the time so that he does not get overexcited. Do all your usual routines in the evening. Tired children are not always able to wait until they finish, but you really need the child to fall asleep without your participation. If the baby already sleeps once during the day, do not put him to bed in the daytime for a day or two. In this case, in the evening, you need to carry out all the procedures a little earlier than usual.

Step 4

Going to bed is always accompanied by a certain ritual. Even a very young child needs a sequence of actions. Think maybe it's time to replace motion sickness with something else? For example, singing lullabies or a fairy tale. Even if the baby is not yet very aware of what you are talking about, the sound of your voice will have a calming effect on him. For him, motion sickness meant not only the ritual of going to bed, but also being close to you. So for a while you still have to sit next to him while he falls asleep.

Step 5

A soft toy, a small pillow, or even just a piece of clean cloth can help. A baby needs company when changing a regime, and with a toy he will not feel lonely in the crib. Do not be afraid that your baby will get used to sleeping with a toy. There is nothing wrong with that, and the teddy bear is your reliable assistant.

Step 6

Who exactly rocks the baby before bedtime? If you happened to disappear from the house for several days and other household members did not experience any problems with laying the baby down, the time has come to do it again. You don't have to leave. You can sign up for courses, go to the movies or see a friend and come back when the child is asleep. But this is an extreme and not very reliable method. It is possible that everything will start anew as soon as you decide to stay at home. In addition, you can act in this way only if you are absolutely sure of the support of the rest of the household.

Step 7

You can simply try to give the child the opportunity not to fall asleep as long as he can stand. Eventually he will get tired and fall asleep. But get ready for the fact that you, too, will not have to sleep for a long time. Do not get annoyed or scold your baby. After all, you yourself taught him to fall asleep in your arms. If your husband gets up early in the morning and he would like to sleep, move for a few nights with the child in another room.

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