Your Child And Music School

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Your Child And Music School
Your Child And Music School

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What will music give a child? Should you send your child to a music school, why and at what age? What instrument to learn to play? Brief information about the role of music in the development of a child's personality.

Your child and music school
Your child and music school

What will music give a child?

Before sending a son or daughter to a music school, parents should ask themselves whether it makes sense to load their child with music from early childhood. Psychologists and teachers say unequivocally - yes, and there is a number of evidence for this:

  • Playing a musical instrument, the child develops fine motor skills of the fingers, which develops his brain activity.
  • In a music school, a child is taught a classical taste, as a result of which he will be more aesthetically developed.
  • Music at a certain level turns into images. Each teacher tells the young musician about each piece he plays: theme, plot, heroes. Over time, having become interested, the child will begin to look for more information in books, and therefore will love to read.
  • Art develops creativity, which will help a person to think outside the box in the future.

At what age and what instrument is it worth giving?

The beginning of learning and the instrument on which the child is going to learn to play are closely related. For example, on the violin and piano, it is advised to start the sooner, the better (successful musicians took their first lessons at 4-5 years old), on a heavy accordion or wind instruments, where more or less formed lungs are required, it is recommended to start from 8-9 years, guitarists can start at the age of 10 on average, and percussionists at any time (but still, the sooner the better). It is advisable not to start his studies in secondary and music school in the same year, the child should get used to the load gradually.

The choice of a musical instrument itself should not be carried out without the participation of a child. Turn on audio recordings with the sound of different instruments, go to several concerts and see what your child is drawn to. And in no case should you think that musicians play only the violin and piano: if a child has expressed a desire to sit down at the accordion or take up the flute, there is no need to contradict him. Everyone is taught to play the piano (in each music school there is a separate discipline for children playing all instruments - "general piano")

If you notice that your son or daughter has a beautiful voice or just a desire to sing, try auditioning with a vocal teacher, almost any child will be happy to go to singing lessons. It is worth noting that in a music school, with a strong desire or a voice that has begun to develop sharply, you can ask for an additional vocal lesson even after a year or two of training on any instrument. However, choral singing is a compulsory discipline in any music school, where children will definitely be taught the basics of vocal.

What is the easiest instrument to play?

You should never ask such a question, choose the direction of your child's education. All musical instruments (including the human voice) are equally difficult to master, and none of them will achieve mastery in a month or two. Learning requires a system and persistent practice.

Do I need to prepare for my lessons at home?

As in high school, in the music school there are certain homework assignments for each of a number of subjects that must be completed. Pay special attention to your specialty (playing a musical instrument). At a very young age, try to control your child. Make sure he follows the assignment and does it every day, albeit a little. By the way, it’s not worth playing the instrument with the last bit of strength: a child can stop loving music only because he is “forced”.

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