How To Get Ready For The Hospital

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How To Get Ready For The Hospital
How To Get Ready For The Hospital

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Childbirth is the most important stage in a woman's life. You should go to the hospital in advance so as not to miss anything. Some maternity hospitals have their own lists of things to take with you. Be sure to find out in advance if there is a similar list in your maternity hospital.

These are pleasant chores
These are pleasant chores


Step 1

In total, you have to collect three bags. I recommend to sign the packages with a marker

Step 2

Let's start with the first one, it will be called bag number 1 - these are the things that you need as soon as you arrive at the hospital. That is, you need to take it with you when going to childbirth.


- of course, documents !!!

- phone with charger

- a small bottle of water is required!

- a comfortable shirt for breastfeeding

- bathrobe

- new slates

- towel

- toilet paper

- wet wipes

- Toothbrush

- Toothpaste

- soap

- shampoo

- postpartum pads

- postpartum panties

Step 3

Bag number 2 is what your husband will bring you when you give birth:

- cream for cracked nipples

- a pack of diapers 2-5 or 3-6 kg

- undershirt

- sliders on buttons

- bonnet

- socks

- two diapers

- powder or baby cream

- liter of still water

- and also what you order him, maybe something from food

- the nurse can advise you to buy a breast pump

- you can take a camera to capture the first days of the baby

Step 4

And bag number 3 is the things you need to check out:

- gifts for doctors

- clothes for the newborn for discharge

- clothes and shoes for mom's discharge

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