How To Organize Leisure Time In Kindergarten

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How To Organize Leisure Time In Kindergarten
How To Organize Leisure Time In Kindergarten

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Leisure evenings, also called entertainment evenings, are held in the kindergarten once a week. Their topics can be very different. It can be a performance, a musical evening, sports competitions, watching cartoons and much more. It all depends on the age of the children, the direction of the kindergarten, technical conditions.

How to organize leisure time in kindergarten
How to organize leisure time in kindergarten

It is necessary

  • - toy theater;
  • - picture theater;
  • - shadow theater;
  • - finger theater;
  • - theater of glove puppets;
  • - screen;
  • - table;
  • - a computer;
  • - multimedia equipment;
  • - "backing tracks" of children's songs and musical performances;
  • - sound equipment;
  • - costumes;
  • - Scenery;
  • - scenarios for evenings of entertainment and performances based on fairy tales.


Step 1

Prepare a play for children of early and junior preschool age. Children of this age are mainly spectators, they themselves still have little to do. Their visual-figurative and visual-active types of thinking prevail over the rest, so everything needs to be shown to them. Toy theater is a show of a fairy tale on a table. There is no screen, the characters move on the surface. Children see it. Building material can be used as decoration. Find suitable illustrations for the theater of pictures, print them on a color printer and stick them on flannel or velvet paper. Such pictures during the story appear on the flannelgraph, and the kids really like it. If you have a computer, you can pick up cartoons and arrange a movie screening. It shouldn't be too long, a quarter of an hour is enough.

Step 2

The opportunities for children of middle and senior preschool age are already great enough. Different types of theater can still be used, but children from the senior and preparatory groups can already show fairy tales themselves. This usually generates a lot of interest. Besides, modern technical means allow us to do a lot. For example, you can stage a real musical if the kindergarten has suitable sound equipment. Many kindergartens do this. Preschoolers really like such "professional" performances.

Step 3

Don't be limited to theater. Prepare, for example, an evening dedicated to the work of your favorite writer. In this case, there must be a lot of preliminary work. Read books to children, tell about the life of the writer, show his portrait. You can give the task to draw illustrations or make crafts on the topic. Available for preschoolers and a computer presentation. Many preschoolers are already familiar with modern information technologies. You can entrust one of the parents to find the necessary photographs, drawings and musical works. Remember that children do not have to sit all the time, so it is necessary to combine different activities. For example, start with a presentation, then after a dance or exercise, ask a child to read poetry. You can end the evening of entertainment with dramatization or an active game.

Step 4

Occasionally spend leisure evenings with your parents. You might suggest, for example, preparing a story about your family. Ask your parents for interesting photos and videos. Have each family prepare a short story. Such a "presentation" can be divided into several evenings or timed, say, to the Day of the birthday boy.

Step 5

Take a virtual tour. Children can be invited to ask grandparents in advance about the most interesting places in your city, about famous people who lived here. Pick up a video or make a flash animation. In the same way, you can arrange an excursion to the museum.

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