How To Make A Book For A Child Yourself

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How To Make A Book For A Child Yourself
How To Make A Book For A Child Yourself

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Children are very inquisitive and, probably, there is no such kid who would not like to look at pictures in a new book, listen to her reading aloud. Parents also enjoy reading to their children. And try to make a book for your baby yourself.

How to make a book for a child yourself
How to make a book for a child yourself


Step 1

First, choose which book you would like to make. Ask your baby for advice or even involve him in creating your masterpiece. It can be: Soft book

The pages are based on the same sheets of cardboard or synthetic winterizer, which are sheathed with fabric. Pictures from fabric or letters are sewn on the sheets. It is even more interesting to make applications with Velcro and “draw” the book from scratch every day. The pages are sewn with lacing, for which they are provided in advance along the edge of the hole.

Step 2

Sketchbook book with cardboard cover

We take a sketchbook. We open it in the middle and sew a cardboard cover with threads. It remains to arrange the pages. It can be a primer that will make it easier to memorize letters, small stories from the life of a child with his photographs, a favorite fairy tale with illustrations invented and drawn by the child himself.

Step 3

A book made of thick sheets of cardboard

You can make a curly book in the form of a half heart, a herringbone, an arbitrary shape - here you can show great imagination. The main thing is that one edge of the sheet must be straight in order to sew the book. We make a template out of cardboard, outline all the pages on it and cut it out. We design the sheets of the future book. The child can draw his own picture or make appliqués. You can paste pictures cut from photos. We write the text. Sew the pages with lacing, punctured with a hole punch along the edge of the hole sheets.

Step 4

Book of sheets of plain paper bound

We design pages with text and pictures on the computer. We print them on sheets of paper so that the page can be folded in half. Using the template, mark the holes in the folds, which we pierce with an awl. We fold the sheets in order and grease the end of the stack with glue from the side of the holes, glue a piece of fabric. Then we sew. Cut out the cover to fit the book and glue it on. The book is ready! Let it be your kid's favorite book.

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