How To Make A Children's Poster

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How To Make A Children's Poster
How To Make A Children's Poster

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If you need to create a children's poster on an assignment in kindergarten or school, or you want to make a wall newspaper for a baby's birthday (or any other significant event), this can in any case be a creative and interesting activity for you and your child.

How to make a children's poster
How to make a children's poster


Step 1

Choose a theme for your poster. In addition to ordinary holidays, the topic can be the beginning of autumn, the arrival of a grandmother from another city, an invitation to a home play or any other event or event.

Step 2

Find as many photographs and illustrations as possible that match the theme of your future poster. Postcards work well for standard holidays - buy a few or use old ones you received some time ago. Search for suitable pictures on the Internet, print and color if necessary. Use pictures of your child that are relevant to the topic - for example, a child in kindergarten or in an autumn park.

Step 3

In addition to pictures, you can use other elements in the poster. For New Year's posters, dream up with sequins, cotton wool, cut out snowflakes. In posters on autumn themes, use maple or rowan leaves, attach a tag from the hospital to the poster for the child's birthday, if the size allows - the first toy.

Step 4

Sketch your future poster. Indicate where the texts, pictures, heading will be located. Always place large items first, then smaller ones. The headline should be eye-catching and clearly reflect the theme of the poster. Also, use at least one more large element to attract attention - an illustration.

Step 5

Don't overload your poster with text. Keep the text short, such as a short poem, comic strip, joke, or anecdote. In general, the text should not be visually larger than the illustrations. Also, think about where the poster will hang - if you hang it high enough, avoid the text part altogether. On the poster, you can leave an empty space for wishes to the birthday person, in this case, position the poster so that it is convenient to write on it.

Step 6

Posters with a colored background, where there are no white spaces left, look most impressive. Use watercolors, crayons, or pencils to paint over the background.

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