How To Organize A Walk With Children

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How To Organize A Walk With Children
How To Organize A Walk With Children

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Every mother knows about the benefits of a walk in the fresh air for a child. Young mothers of first-borns often try to spend as much time outside as possible in any weather. But when there are two or more children, walking can be a real challenge.

How to organize a walk with children
How to organize a walk with children


Step 1

Choose a convenient time to walk with your children. If you have a baby, choose a time when he wants to sleep. Feed him before going for a walk and change his diaper to ensure a sound sleep. Then you will have more time to deal with older children.

Step 2

Consider the weather conditions when choosing your walking time. In the summer, go outside, while it is not too hot - the heat tires the little ones. In winter, try to get outside while the sun is shining so that your body produces vitamin D.

Step 3

Take everything you need for a walk. Toys, ball, sand set for an older child. A bottle of water, a removable diaper, baby wipes. Don't forget your cell phone and wallet just in case. Unlike other mothers, mothers of two or more children can rarely afford to run home and back for a forgotten thing.

Step 4

Place the stroller with the sleeping baby in a safe place, slightly away from the playground so that the screams of the children do not wake the baby up. If the older child walks well, go for a walk in the park or green square. Do not go far from home for safety reasons.

Step 5

Avoid going to stuffy shops - the benefits of such a walk tend to zero, and the behavior of children can be unpredictable. If you need something urgently from groceries, choose convenience stores, not large self-service stores. Never leave a stroller or children at the door of the store! It is very dangerous.

Step 6

Play with the older child if the toddler is sound asleep. The elder really needs your attention, and there are always household chores at home. Use this opportunity on the street! Build a sand house together, collect a bouquet of beautiful leaves. Satisfied with your attention, the older child at home will thank you with an hour of silence, calmly doing his toys.

Step 7

Get older children to play. Teach them to play together, offer simple role-playing games. If the age difference is large, teach them to play side by side, without interfering with each other. If the eldest son is building a fortress of sand, do not allow the kid to trample the structure, but invite him to bring pebbles or twigs for his brother. Engage the girls in playing with crayons, rope, rubber bands. Alternate between active and focused games.

Step 8

Hang up the feeder, feed the birds, collect herbs for your pet, water the flowerbed with a watering can. Small, unobtrusive tasks can be real lessons of kindness, especially if there are several children and they are competing with each other. Let everyone have their own little responsibility.

Step 9

Chat with other moms and their babies. Playing with peers has a positive effect on the socialization of a child, even if he has a sister or brother. Dating and good neighborly relations will allow you to replace and help out each other if necessary. But don't waste all your time talking and ignore the kids. Stay close to them and you will avoid minor troubles and injuries while walking.

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