Why Does The Child Often Blink

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Why Does The Child Often Blink
Why Does The Child Often Blink

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Frequent blinking is quite common among children 2-5 years old, in addition, it is often found in adolescents. This trouble can be caused by a variety of reasons.

Why does a child blink his eyes often
Why does a child blink his eyes often


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The most frequent external factors contributing to frequent blinking in children: eye diseases, allergic reactions, excessive dryness and dustiness of the room, infection with parasitic infections. Accordingly, to eliminate this habit, it is necessary to eradicate the environmental factor that provoked it.

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Consult a pediatric ophthalmologist to rule out eye pathology. Take tests to identify parasites (eggs, worms, enterobiasis, giardiasis). Analyze if the baby has allergies, if the air in the apartment is too dry and dusty.

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Frequent blinking of eyes in children can be a manifestation of a nervous tic. The causes of this child's condition require careful analysis. A nervous disorder, as a rule, occurs against the background of a stressful situation (kindergarten, illness, parting with loved ones, the appearance of a second baby in the family), overprotection, attention deficit, excessive demands, mistakes in upbringing, poor care, improper daily routine, etc.

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When a child blinks their eyes too often, do not ignore the problem, even if the tic is gone. At the same time, do not pester the baby with questions, because sometimes he is not able to explain what really bothers him, it is better to actively observe the baby's behavior. If, obvious reasons are not found, contact a pediatric neurologist. He will analyze the situation and, if necessary, send for electroencephalography, since frequent blinking can be a sign of minor epileptic seizures.

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