Should You Pierce The Ears Of A Little Girl In

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Should You Pierce The Ears Of A Little Girl In
Should You Pierce The Ears Of A Little Girl In

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Some parents strive to get their little girls' ears pierced as early as possible. According to child psychologists, at an “unconscious” age, babies tolerate this procedure much easier, since they do not have time to get scared. But there is another opinion: at an early age, possible unfortunate consequences are harder to bear.

Should you pierce the ears of a little girl in 2017
Should you pierce the ears of a little girl in 2017

Whether to pierce the ears of a very young girl is entirely up to the parents. Subject to sanitary requirements and standards, the procedure will be safe and almost painless. But one should also take into account the following point: if a puncture is unsuccessful, an infection may get into the wound, or the nerve endings in the ear will be damaged.

Suitable age for ear piercing

Doctors believe that girls should not have their ears pierced before the age of three. Before this age, the risk of getting into the wound of infection is increased. A small child will constantly fiddle with his ears, which is dangerous not only because of the possible introduction of an infection, but can also damage the lobe. In this case, the puncture site will heal not only for a long time, but also painful. It must be borne in mind that the girl will grow, and over time, the punctures may become asymmetrical.

According to doctors, it is better to pierce the ears before the child turns 11 - after this age, the likelihood of scarring is increased. Child psychologists have a different point of view - they believe that it is better to pierce the ears up to one and a half years, until the child is able to realize what is happening. The choice, of course, is up to the parents.

How little girls get their ears pierced

Almost all modern medical centers and beauty salons offer such a service as ear piercing with a gun. This is much more convenient than piercing with a needle, as was done before. This method has many advantages. The puncture occurs instantly, the child does not have time to get scared. The needle is also an earring - it stays in the ear.

Adults should pay attention only to the sterility of the procedure. The master must wear disposable gloves, the gun must be treated with antiseptic agents. The best option when the child's ears are pierced is taken to a medical facility. After the procedure, the doctor should give recommendations for the care of the wounds.

Piercing the ears with a pistol also has its drawbacks. Despite the speed and painlessness of the procedure, it should be taken into account that the gun itself is not disposable. Despite disinfection before use, complete sterility cannot be achieved. The pistol emits a characteristic sharp sound at the time of the shot - if the child twitches from surprise, the puncture may turn out to be not at the point that was planned. Therefore, ears should only be pierced by a good specialist, and then all hygiene procedures should be carefully followed.

Perhaps the parents will find it necessary to let their daughter make her own decisions in this matter. Realizing what is happening, some girls better tolerate both the procedure and the subsequent care of the wound.

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