How To Inject Juice For Babies

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How To Inject Juice For Babies
How To Inject Juice For Babies

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There is a lot of controversy about when to give juices to an infant. Supporters of the traditional scheme of introducing complementary foods believe that juices in baby food are only beneficial. However, many modern doctors say that this product is too heavy for an infant, so it is not the best idea to start complementary foods with it.

How to inject juice for babies
How to inject juice for babies

It is necessary

Apple, plastic grater, gauze or sterile bandage


Step 1

A breastfed baby, up to 6 months old, does not need any other nutrition in principle. Only the parents themselves need to decide at what age to inject the juice, even among pediatricians there is no consensus about this. In due time, the child will have time to try all types of products, including juices, so there is no need to rush with them.

Step 2

For those parents who are going to add juices to their food, you must first decide on their composition. Due to the high concentration of substances, juices are quite allergens, especially those squeezed from citrus fruits. Therefore, it is necessary to start with neutral fruits grown in the middle lane. Most often, the first juice for the baby is squeezed out of green apples.

Step 3

In other aspects, the scheme of how to introduce juice to a baby looks similar to the rules for the introduction of any complementary foods. Juice in the amount of a teaspoon is given to the child in the morning in order to be able to observe skin reactions and stools. If everything goes well, then the next day the dose is increased. For a week, the portion of juice is brought to the norm, corresponding to the age of the child.

Step 4

Firms specializing in the production of baby food offer a variety of juices, including those of direct extraction. However, to start the introduction of complementary foods, squeezing your own is much cheaper. Considering that the child needs fresh juice, it is not very profitable to buy a new bag every day because of one or two teaspoons of the product. Moreover, grate a peeled apple on a plastic fine grater, then squeeze the juice through clean gauze and immediately give it to the child.

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